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Downloading Day Night Map Viz
SHA256 checksum (day-night-map-viz_104.tgz) 8e394f3a5bb733ac802a101acf2189743725332e37ba5cb13fedd88f59f6cbb0 SHA256 checksum (day-night-map-viz_102.tgz) 5f5af07b5ede0dee709c13cfc74d3afd5b7a52016cdf854338933dedc0f498ff SHA256 checksum (day-night-map-viz_101.tgz) c3347009a38b3708828b35642e94a4abb6e0a67f59058dd091bcef321dfcb256 SHA256 checksum (day-night-map-viz_100.tgz) 9430b9f3d0e3217807cac3b5d58899450569f9946972c17923673f1fa8c0e973
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Day Night Map Viz

Splunk Cloud
A world-map visualization showing where it is day and night in the world. This viz is ideal for companies that have follow the sun operations. Text, icons and clocks can be overlaid on the map.

Source code | Feature requests and bugs | My other apps

Day/Night Map viz

To use this visualization, start with the following search:


Example of clocks across top, using x/y positioning.

| makeresults   
| eval raw = "
x=17, y=12, type=clock, content=Pacific, timezone=America/Los_Angeles ### 
x=29, y=12, type=clock, content=Eastern, timezone=America/New_York ### 
x=50, y=12, type=clock, content=UTC/GMT, timezone=UTC ### 
x=73, y=12, type=clock, content=IST, timezone=Etc/Gmt+5 ### 
x=90, y=12, type=clock, content=AEDST, timezone=Australia/Sydney ### 
| makemv delim="###" raw
| mvexpand raw 
| rename raw  as  _raw 
| extract

Clocks at locations (lat/long positioning), with different colors and sizes.

| makeresults   
| eval raw = "
lat=-27.3818631, lon=152.7130211, type=clock, content=Brisbane, timezone=Australia/Brisbane, size=0.8 ### 
lat=51.5285582, lon=-0.2 416783, type=clock, content=London, timezone=Europe/London, color=#00cc00 ### 
lat=39.372883, lon=-73.9391617, type=clock, content=\"New York\", timezone=America/New_York, size=1.5, color=#F1813F ### 
lat=34.0203996, lon=-118.5518137, type=clock, content=\"Los Angeles\", timezone=America/Los_Angeles, color=#DC4E41 ### 
| makemv delim="###" raw
| mvexpand raw 
| rename raw  as  _raw 
| extract

Field reference

A table of data can be provided to this visualization to render overlays on the map. Either lat/lon or x/y must exist for each row.

Field Valid values Description
lat -180 to +180 Latitude coordinate for the overlay item.
lon -180 to +180 Longitude coordinate for the overlay item.
x 0 to 100 The X coordinate as a percentage (0=left, 100=right).
y 0 to 100 The Y coordinate as a percentage (0=top, 100=bottom).
type icon, text, clock The overlay type
content text When type=text this is the text content (can contain HTML). When type=icon this is the icon class (see section below). When type=clock this is the sub-text content.
size 0 + (Optional) A multiplier of the default size for this item.
color Valid css color (Optional) Color of the item.
tooltip text (Optional) A tooltip to display on mouse hover (can contain HTML).
timezone ISO timezone (Optional) The timezone for the clock https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tz_database_time_zones Can also be specifed as exact offset, e.g. etc/GMT+5:00
shadow 0 to 1 (Optional) Drop shadow opacity of the item. Set 0 for no shadow.
weight normal, bold (Optional) Font-weight (clock and text types only).

The default options for overlays are configured in the visualization formatting options:


Any icon from the FontAwesome v5 Free icon sets can be used. The complete list is here: https://fontawesome.com/cheatsheet/
The "solid" icon set is the default, but the "regular" set can be used by prefixing far fa-*
Below are a list of the more useful icons that are available.


Copyright (C) 2019 Chris Younger
I am a Splunk Professional Services consultant working for JDS Australia (https://www.jds.net.au), in Brisbane Australia.

Third party software

The following third-party libraries are used by this app. Thank you!

Release Notes

Version 1.0.4
Sept. 2, 2021

* Update internal jquery library for Splunk Cloud compatibility

* Minor bug fixes

Version 1.0.2
July 26, 2020

* Minor bug fixes

Version 1.0.1
Sept. 17, 2019
  • Fix for 7.3 to remove "undefined" messages in format menu
Version 1.0.0
June 10, 2019

version bump

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