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Downloading Omega Core Audit for Oracle
SHA256 checksum (omega-core-audit-for-oracle_180.tgz) 269817d8eaea1ea5679e6f39d6b0bfb032e4aaa2f23cb054f1aa982a29f3a530 SHA256 checksum (omega-core-audit-for-oracle_170.tgz) aa6a94d2edae063588735fe327dcb181a621f03bee12f96228a03159da4a2035 SHA256 checksum (omega-core-audit-for-oracle_160.tgz) 5758e5c4cbe9c9c196cff072814cc8dfa38c3b4232a211d03f52d1999e7a4983 SHA256 checksum (omega-core-audit-for-oracle_150.tgz) 2c83b04497f796ff6c594031f129e2f7617e38074870095e848f65d3517e5a42 SHA256 checksum (omega-core-audit-for-oracle_100.tgz) 945d332b3dac579fb915364e7557dad65b42bbe2134873869ef707f6787d2281
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Omega Core Audit for Oracle

Splunk Cloud
Omega Core Audit for Oracle App for Splunk performs reporting, visualization and analysis of security events of your mission-critical Oracle databases!

Omega Core Audit for Oracle App for Splunk integrates Omega Core Audit - another DATAPLUS product - with Splunk.

Omega Core Audit deployments continuously monitor and protect the Oracle databases. The security events are delivered to Splunk at a scheduled interval; thus enabling storage of the audit and protection events in a central location, visualization and quick access of the databases activity history through predefined and customizable alerts.

Omega Core Audit for Oracle App for Splunk provides an Executive, Security Analysts and Operational view on the activity performed on the enterprise’s Oracle databases.

Oracle Database security solutions

Omega Core Audit for Oracle App for Splunk integrates Omega Core Audit - another DATAPLUS product - with Splunk.

The Omega Core Audit deployments monitor and protect the Oracle databases and deliver the generated security events
on user-defined schedule to your Splunk server!

Omega Core Audit features built-in support for delivering security events to Splunk using the later's TCP Data Input to upload records; security events can also be retrieved by Splunk DB Connect.

Omega Core Audit for Oracle App for Splunk ingests security event records generated and delivered exclusively by
the Omega Core Audit software solution only.

To download Omega Core Audit solution, please visit:

Omega Core Audit App for Splunk User Guide is provided in file Omega_CA_Splunk App_User_Guide.txt as part of the .spl install. To get the PDF version of this guide, please visit:
and go to the tab Resources.

Oracle Database security solutions

Release Notes

Version 1.8.0
Oct. 11, 2021

New in 1.8.0
Pulling security events from Omega Core Audit with Splunk DB Connect App is now supported.

Version 1.7.0
June 13, 2021

Alerts improve.
New Alerts dashboard as app's main.

Version 1.6.0
Sept. 8, 2020

Creation of Index omega_ca is removed from Install Package.
Creation of TCP Data Input is removed from Install Package.
Unified Audit Trail renamed to Security Events Trail

Version 1.5.0
June 28, 2020

Alerts introduced.

Fix on large message ingest.

Version 1.0.0
Nov. 27, 2018

What's new in 1.0.0?
This is the first release of Omega Core Audit App for Splunk.

Fixed issues in 1.0.0

Known issues in 1.0.0
Issue 1:
The default ALL choice of the (search) Extra Options will not get auto-completed when no choice made in the multi-select; it must be selected manually for panels to return data.

Issue 2:
Changing the (search) Extra Options Operator will not trigger a search in the dashboards panels; only the change on the Extra Options drop-down will do. You need to provoke the Change event manually - for example by selecting and unselecting the ALL option.

Issue 3:
Policy Type option Administrative missing in respective drop-down input on form Unified Audit Trail.

1. Open the form for edit
2. Locate the drop-down input named "field_policy_type"
3. Add a new fifth value of choice after the first existing four, as below:
<choice value="5">ADM</choice>
4. save the form


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