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Downloading Malwarebytes Visibility and Dashboards
SHA256 checksum (malwarebytes-visibility-and-dashboards_210.tgz) 6bcaf61ef41d66781cc3ab5231733bda3788a525957d7bcaa424e3eb9c693611 SHA256 checksum (malwarebytes-visibility-and-dashboards_204.tgz) 695ff6ffd1287da6702446ad9074b9fc7cea290db1d41dee67c4185974101e5b SHA256 checksum (malwarebytes-visibility-and-dashboards_203.tgz) ed3a056a4f32e2d10fd961cccb9195756e828cc389de82c73cb3a89c6f06857b SHA256 checksum (malwarebytes-visibility-and-dashboards_201.tgz) e05d6326d1f90381ef0ca605634124653c2c950ef0daf7128d98ab61543ba019 SHA256 checksum (malwarebytes-visibility-and-dashboards_101.tgz) f0b10b3e0086aa999c5ba76c26346f4630c0bd283d2c14a66d0db27b718d2185 SHA256 checksum (malwarebytes-visibility-and-dashboards_0937.tgz) 266cf814a0d29ba71141887892f7e5a4a537dd42b317ae4e0417bd873808470b
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Malwarebytes Visibility and Dashboards

Splunk Cloud
The Malwarebytes App for Splunk provides custom Splunk searches and dashboards for Malwarebytes endpoint security data. This app extends from the Add-on for Malwarebytes to offer an immediate visual experience for all Malwarebytes users. All dashboards have been highly optimized for fast performance and contain custom drill-downs. Use it to quickly gain visibility and add insights to your security posture.

Malwarebytes makes endpoints resilient through adaptive cyber protection, active threat response and orchestrated endpoint control that quickly restores workforce productivity when a compromise occurs. Our adaptive cyber protection predicts and detects attacks with multi-layer detection across the kill chain. We enable active threat response where machine learning is actionable and automated allowing for full recovery when a compromise occurs. We orchestrate command and control across siloed IT and Security organizations simplifying security management and making response effective. Malwarebytes makes endpoints resilient, so that you can protect, remediate, and regain control of your digital business.

Overview: Use this Malwarebytes Visibility and Dashboard App to correlate endpoint security data from Malwarebytes with data from your other security applications. This app includes pre-built dashboards with Malwarebytes endpoint security data but also gives you the ability to customize and create your own dashboards. All of our apps are CIM compliant which allows you to see correlate data across CIM compliant apps.

Requirements: Malwarebytes Technical Add-on for Splunk.

Installation Guides:

Malwarebytes Visibility and Dashboards app for Splunk and Endpoint Protection

Malwarebytes Visibility and Dashboards app for Splunk and Endpoint Security

Customer FAQ Here

Contact Support: Here

Products Supported: Malwarebytes Incident Response and Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection and Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection and Response

Authors: Malwarebytes

Release Notes

Version 2.1.0
July 28, 2022
  • Added Vulnerabilities Dashboard
  • Added OS Patches Dashboard
  • Added Device Control Dashboard

  • Please contact Malwarebytes support for any urgent query.

Version 2.0.4
Feb. 16, 2022
  • Updated Overview Dashboard
  • Suspicious Activities dashboard Improvements
  • Added new Endpoints Lite Dashboard
  • Added New Alerts Dashboard (Works with MBCR App)
  • Added Dashboard Time/Index filters Save option
  • Other Dashboards Improvements

  • Please contact Malwarebytes support for any urgent query.

Version 2.0.3
Oct. 8, 2021
  • Fixed Mitre Codes Bugs
  • Improved performance
  • Please contact Malwarebytes support for any urgent query
Version 2.0.1
Aug. 24, 2021
  • Support for multiple indexers
  • More detailed and extensive dashboards
  • The dashboard integrations built on API’s
  • Please contact Malwarebytes support for any urgent query
Version 1.0.1
Oct. 7, 2020
  • Fix for Setup Screen error
Version 0.9.37
Feb. 15, 2019


  • Added support for Splunk Cloud - Managed and Self-Service

  • Various bug fixes and improvements

  • Added dashboards for Malwarebytes Cloud Remediation App

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