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Downloading Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Office 365
SHA256 checksum (splunk-add-on-for-microsoft-office-365_410.tgz) 6985ea0167f5b7c93591ed978017debba18bb953b0ef97240a17ec30818d8b40 SHA256 checksum (splunk-add-on-for-microsoft-office-365_400.tgz) ae70c00bec7bd96c286d85f3594dcd4998438cd5015f30418939fceb0a970de8 SHA256 checksum (splunk-add-on-for-microsoft-office-365_300.tgz) 8e6eaca00950370e2812119514e1fe359e7de844160e8650cc15fa8e95ec6ce0 SHA256 checksum (splunk-add-on-for-microsoft-office-365_220.tgz) cc454300c484047ac377e0ed91885e938da2cbab35929b7804ac9227e566e2ba SHA256 checksum (splunk-add-on-for-microsoft-office-365_210.tgz) 15d3f43998309bcc51bfaef52d9664d9cd6da79af0facda800437a90d4e0342c SHA256 checksum (splunk-add-on-for-microsoft-office-365_203.tgz) 80ceac5d69aefa57a2f97f62bdbbd5cf386b8b86d10c3a1d759d90d847f2b5ad SHA256 checksum (splunk-add-on-for-microsoft-office-365_202.tgz) 51cecc9166f44184eb3408d5b086f4ca178c934b4dbb7d8adec5aeb713b0d485 SHA256 checksum (splunk-add-on-for-microsoft-office-365_201.tgz) f298a5d15c5412bcb13c048d2efd8c6bcce78ed054e3c7ee3bb399699a1d9652
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Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Office 365

Splunk Cloud
Splunk Built
The Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Office 365 allows a Splunk software administrator to pull service status, service messages, and management activity logs from the Office 365 Management API. You can collect:

* Audit logs for Azure Active Directory, Sharepoint Online, and Exchange Online, supported by the Office 365 Management API.
* Historical and current service status, and service messages for the corresponding Microsoft Office 365 Management API.
* Data Loss Prevention on Microsoft Office 365 Management API.

After the Splunk platform indexes the events, you can then directly analyze the data or use it as a contextual data feed to correlate with other data in the Splunk platform

Release Notes for this add-on are available at https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/AddOns/released/MSO365/Releasenotes

Note: If you are running this add-on with Debian or Ubuntu Linux Server, you must set the option start_by_shell = false in each stanza of inputs.conf. See http://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/AddOns/released/MSO365/Troubleshooting

Release Notes

Version 4.1.0
Aug. 2, 2022
Version 4.0.0
May 19, 2022

For more information on this release please visit:


Version 3.0.0
Feb. 11, 2022

Version 3.0.0 of the Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Office 365 has the following new features.

  • Changed from using the Service Communications API (now deprecated by Microsoft) to using the new Microsoft Graph API for Service Health & Communication events. This new API changes the structure how data is ingested by the Splunk software. The following source types have had to be updated:
   Retired source types:
   New source types:

To learn about the type of data these new source types represent coming through the Graph API, see the Overview for accessing service health and communications in Microsoft Graph topic in the Microsoft's Graph API documentation.

  • Enhanced the Add Input menu for ease of use. This menu includes the new Microsoft Graph API for Service Health & Communic

  • Added API request throttling when making too many requests to the Microsoft APIs.

Version 2.2.0
Oct. 6, 2021
Version 2.1.0
June 21, 2021

This release for Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Office 365 adds:
The Microsoft Graph API is utilized to gather audit events and reports visible through the Microsoft Graph API endpoints. This includes log events and reports visible through the Microsoft Graph API.
The Microsoft Cloud Application Security APIS is utilized to gather data from service policies, alerts and entities endpoints visible through the Microsoft cloud application security portal.
* Minor fixes

Version 2.0.3
Jan. 11, 2021

This release for Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Office 365 adds:
* Improved Support for the Office 365 GCC endpoints

Version 2.0.2
April 30, 2020

This release for Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Office 365 adds:
* Improved Support for the Authentication CIM Model

Version 2.0.1
March 14, 2020

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