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Downloading Metricator application for Nmon
SHA256 checksum (metricator-application-for-nmon_1024.tgz) f98dd9d7a2beb3e8c83c600222977bd11d303bf17088d54db0024f50059afbf7 SHA256 checksum (metricator-application-for-nmon_1023.tgz) 04cbb0e733e97a787bf66bfc97f3848e4462b390877ecdb5cdb7f7565243c951 SHA256 checksum (metricator-application-for-nmon_1022.tgz) d109348eb4676d8734784b72691582300f98bda41a15d75999b2c14cfbc87d81 SHA256 checksum (metricator-application-for-nmon_1020.tgz) cf4505513c6770dead19a7c1256f33363c51e91088f1fb22ec5568b4c5754980 SHA256 checksum (metricator-application-for-nmon_1019.tgz) 842c7c5c309193c211f0bcd62cfd122b490ac88e465ed697184e8ccc20b767fd SHA256 checksum (metricator-application-for-nmon_1018.tgz) da2fc46446555ad33b1166a6611ec3b070694edf14c9317154d0bc2cb8fedd86 SHA256 checksum (metricator-application-for-nmon_1017.tgz) 471c14738b54473c9dec2a7ead823c07ad1014d599ed9c79bb3fa66f040c9cf1 SHA256 checksum (metricator-application-for-nmon_1016.tgz) ed4d166050ac89356cb6fa6b41494a4eaadee6ae7ceb3386b67ba9d0db252cb3 SHA256 checksum (metricator-application-for-nmon_1015.tgz) 184db888bd7ada1523d70d4c6405769e74393d94a90a26bb86aa126b08e34001 SHA256 checksum (metricator-application-for-nmon_1014.tgz) 16d508114549fb8331048850b010608d1cbe349ee1f37c2cde08b5be342660c1 SHA256 checksum (metricator-application-for-nmon_1013.tgz) 8ed51aea341898589dcb4d21efd6550356f1a5a403a5f6c80a37cc1f05e30f4c SHA256 checksum (metricator-application-for-nmon_1011.tgz) 5f5653e86345d1b0176e3d096e886611d6a33ee66114f89e56cf756304f9f512 SHA256 checksum (metricator-application-for-nmon_1010.tgz) 5589f13e801aa52d9a97afe817921f4ad8e449d3d2851bc74b21f74fe81469bc SHA256 checksum (metricator-application-for-nmon_109.tgz) aee3a72bc4767569da092bfe9a97e3bfb1737ef4c7af7b8bd0749f6b449c3b5e SHA256 checksum (metricator-application-for-nmon_108.tgz) 9e68a5141a31426b4b71f1af151edf7a576364cbef3f5c77c685b08c9e3da3d7 SHA256 checksum (metricator-application-for-nmon_107.tgz) 4d4650e2e0c9fe0b2cad7ae2a05cc688914c82aeb2de5728ec9ab74f716981da SHA256 checksum (metricator-application-for-nmon_106.tgz) 7846332eafc2f7edd9e26b4dbdad5befb60747208629960ca6289b9c78227d39 SHA256 checksum (metricator-application-for-nmon_105.tgz) de63f56f553e4333bcfe037e2974c2a5e7ce90a0348689606bb85d2d08f1eed2 SHA256 checksum (metricator-application-for-nmon_104.tgz) b75b85dc753a1cd390424baff67dc6aedaaef75f35a5adca95667efe629cda06 SHA256 checksum (metricator-application-for-nmon_103.tgz) e9735b4acc706f82e6f0fc8874de739cd9b65157da21c27fa3f00e7fd6ca93f2
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Metricator application for Nmon

Splunk AppInspect Passed
The super fast, rich, definitive monitoring and performance app suite for Unix and Linux on Splunk

Technology Addon: https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/3948
Technology Addon (HEC version): https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/4022
Support Addon: https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/3949
ITSI module: https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/4123

FREE TO USE: the application is now FULLY free to use without any kind of limitations, register to download the applications

See details page for Bitbucket repository location, and opening issues.


The Metricator App fully implements Splunk time series metrics ingested within the metric store indexes.
We bring you one of the most performer user experience on Splunk Enterprise.


Use our advanced dashboards to easily perform the best performance analysis.


Release Notes

Version 1.0.24
May 20, 2019


- fix Issue #51: Typo in Alert Center introduced in Version 1.0.23

Version 1.0.23
May 18, 2019


**CAUTION: For Splunk 7.x**

- fix Issue #49: Incorrect TOP processes units in Nmon Wall of performance
- fix Issue #50: Alerting center UI filtering issues and improvements

Version 1.0.22
Feb. 21, 2019


CAUTION: For Splunk 7.x

- Fix Issue #48 - Prevents user from entering a frameID with white spaces

Version 1.0.20
Feb. 9, 2019

Version 1.0.20:

**CAUTION: For Splunk 7.x**

- Fix Issue #47 - 7.2 compatibility issue with multiselect form and default selection
- Fix Issue #46: Access to UARG data from TOP views issues
- Fix Issue #45: Remove useless OStype auto-lookup inherited from Nmon legacy
- Fix Issue #44: frameID props level mapping for non metrics should use OUTPUT vs OUTPUTNEW
- Fix Issue #43: Solaris NMON ANALYSER view issue with drilldown field names causing URL malformed

Version 1.0.19
Aug. 28, 2018

Version 1.0.19:
- #42: Linux distribution name identification improvement (nmon-config datamodel update)
- #41: Steal CPU percentage management for virtual machines

Version 1.0.18
Aug. 24, 2018

Version 1.0.18:
- #40: Transition to span=1m as a standard - fix memory queries overload

Version 1.0.17
Aug. 17, 2018

Version 1.0.17:

- #39: AIX memory usage monitoring improvements
- #38: Missing by clause statement in memory alerting

Version 1.0.16
Aug. 16, 2018

Version 1.0.16:

- #37: Performance improvements for disk usage related queries
- #36: AIX lpar measurement issue in some queries when comparing to cpu_all

Version 1.0.15
July 25, 2018

Version 1.0.15:

- #32: Remove pricing pattern from menus
- #31: Safecenter - user feedback on headings color
- #30: Overview - fillnull IO/Wait pressure
- #29: Overview sort error

Version 1.0.14
June 27, 2018

Version 1.0.14:

- #27: JQuery vulnerability issue for the integrated viz addons (bullet chart amd radial meter, CVE-2016-10707/CVE-2015-9251)
- #28: Add per core CPU usage in Nmon summary

Version 1.0.13
May 12, 2018

CAUTION: For Splunk 7.x

- #26: threshold and exclusion interfaces improvements
- #25: Support for the TA-metricator-hec-for-nmon

Version 1.0.11
May 6, 2018

version 1.0.10:

- #24: Splunk 7.1 compatibility issues with mexplorer and mpredict dashboards

Version 1.0.10
May 1, 2018

version 1.0.10:

- #22: Splunk 7.1 compatibility issues with min/max checkboxes
- #23: Inventory interfaces per OS are not referenced in a per OS pages

Version 1.0.9
April 15, 2018

version 1.0.9:

- #21 auto-refresh improvement

Version 1.0.8
April 13, 2018

version 1.0.8:

- Fix for macros nmon_span and baseline_span

Version 1.0.7
April 12, 2018

Version 1.0.7:

- #19: Old documentation links fixing

Version 1.0.6
April 11, 2018

Version 1.0.6:

- Fix baseline macros issues

Version 1.0.5
April 11, 2018

Version 1.0.5:

- Fix baseline macros issues

Version 1.0.4
April 10, 2018

Version 1.0.4:

- App certification failure due to non existing data model object in TCO - Total Cost of Ownership per server report

Version 1.0.3
April 10, 2018

Version 1.0.3:

- First public release


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