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Downloading Corelight For Splunk
SHA256 checksum (corelight-for-splunk_103.tgz) ea6dc94338793089b0819b46c8cf1a427f73109fef096103acc99859d9933a02 SHA256 checksum (corelight-for-splunk_102.tgz) 030ea3551a3e435c914bb821139701285b6114534a990e4d2d23bb0ed7258176 SHA256 checksum (corelight-for-splunk_101.tgz) fd711371f9a2454de173042b09a744a0a7ed0f6050a012f70c81e9f593ffdab9
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Corelight For Splunk

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Corelight For Splunk allows a Splunk Enterprise administrator to extract information and knowledge from Bro data via the Corelight Sensor appliance or open-source Bro

Welcome to Corelight for Splunk Apps documentation!


About Corelight For Splunk

Author Aplura, LLC. Corelight, Inc.
App Version 1.0.3
App Build 156
Vendor Products Corelight Sensor
Has index-time operations false
Creates an index false
Implements summarization Currently, the app does not generate summaries

About Corelight For Splunk

Corelight For Splunk allows a Splunk Enterprise administrator to extract information and knowledge from Bro data via the Corelight Sensor appliance or open-source Bro

Scripts and binaries

This App provides the following scripts:

  • None

Release notes

Version 1.0.3

  • Bug
    • [CL-51] - HTTP Search needs updated
  • Improvement
    • [CL-52] - Add _red sourcetypes
    • [CL-53] - Rework HTTP Page
    • [CL-54] - RED DNS field update

Version 1.0.2

  • Bug

    • [CL-47] - Update DNS Dashboard
  • Improvement

    • [CL-50] - Update CIM for new data types

Version 1.0.1

  • Bug

    • [CL-42] - Conn data does not always display service
  • Improvement

    • [CL-43] - Panel Rename
    • [CL-44] - Update sparkline
    • [CL-45] - Dashboard Search Optimizations

Version 1.0.0

  • New Feature

    • [CL-3] - Custom Icons
    • [CL-5] - Build Eventgen
    • [CL-6] - Overview Dashboard
    • [CL-11] - CIM Mapping
    • [CL-17] - Workflow Action
    • [CL-18] - HTTP Dashboard
    • [CL-19] - DNS Dashboard
  • Improvement

    • [CL-10] - Documentation
    • [CL-21] - Improve HTTP Dashboard
    • [CL-22] - Overview Updates
    • [CL-23] - Overview Dashboard
    • [CL-24] - Connections Page - Revise
    • [CL-25] - DNS Dashboard - Revise
    • [CL-26] - Files Dashboard - Revise
    • [CL-27] - SSL Dashboard
    • [CL-28] - Software Dashboard
    • [CL-29] - Connections Revision
    • [CL-30] - DNS Revisions
    • [CL-31] - Files Revisions
    • [CL-32] - HTTP Revisions
    • [CL-33] - Software Revisions
    • [CL-34] - Dashboard Improvements
    • [CL-35] - Dashboards
    • [CL-36] - Minor Edits and Updates
    • [CL-38] - Documentation
    • [CL-40] - Tags
    • [CL-41] - Additional Dashboard Changes
  • Sub-task

    • [CL-14] - Corelight Connection
    • [CL-15] - Corelight SSL
    • [CL-16] - Corelight File

About this release

Version 1.0.3 of Corelight For Splunk is compatible with:

Splunk Enterprise versions 6.6, 7.0
Platforms Splunk Enterprise


Known Issues

Version 1.0.3 of Corelight For Splunk has the following known issues:

  • None

Support and resources

Questions and answers

Access questions and answers specific to Corelight For Splunk at https://answers.splunk.com . Be sure to tag your question with the App.


Support is available via email at appsupport@corelight.com. Responses vary on working days between working hours. Find the latest information about the App and integration on the support website.

Installation and Configuration

Software requirements

Splunk Enterprise system requirements

Because this App runs on Splunk Enterprise, all of the Splunk Enterprise system requirements at https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/latest/Installation/Systemrequirements apply.


Download Corelight For Splunk at https://splunkbase.splunk.com/.

Installation steps

NOTE: Where referenced, TA-CorelightForSplunk is located on Splunkbase.

Deploy to single server instance

Follow these steps to install the app in a single server instance of Splunk Enterprise:

  1. Deploy as you would any App, and restart Splunk. Do NOT install the TA.

Deploy to Splunk Cloud

  1. Have your Splunk Cloud Support handle this installation.

Deploy to a Distributed Environment

  1. For each Search Head in the environment, deploy the App. DO NOT SEND TA to a Search Head Cluster (SHC).
  2. For each indexer in the environment, deploy a copy of the |ta_name| Add-On that is located as mentioned above.

User Guide

Key concepts for Corelight For Splunk

Configure TA-CorelightForSplunk for use with Corelight.

  1. TA-CorelightForSplunk should be placed upon the servers that will get the forwarded data from the Corelight Sensor.
  2. Questions should be asked at https://www.corelight.com/support


Getting Data In

By default all events will be written to the main index. Please see Corelight documentation on how to change the destination index from the appliance.

Searching for Data

By default, all corelight information is searched for using the corelight_idx event type. To change the location for the app to search for Corelight data, edit the corelight_idx event type to point to your Corelight index.

Troubleshoot Corelight For Splunk

  1. Check the Monitoring Console (>=v6.5) for errors


Corelight For Splunk contains several lookup files.

  • port_descriptions - Gives port descriptions to ports.
  • corelight_systems - Auto-generated from sensor data
  • corelight_services - Auto-generated from services data
  • corelight_dns_ports - Auto-generated from DNS data
  • corelight_dns_record_types - Auto-generated from NDS data
  • corelight_files_mime_types - Auto-generated from files data
  • corelight_software_types - Auto-generated from software data
  • corelight_dns_reply_code - Provided to lookup reply code types

Event Generator

Corelight For Splunk does make use of an event generator. This allows the product to display data, when there are no inputs configured.

The stanzas are:

  • conn.json.sample
  • conn_red.json.sample
  • metrics_disk.json.sample
  • files.json.sample
  • files_red.json.sample
  • metrics_memory.json.sample
  • metrics_system.json.sample
  • metrics_iface.json.sample
  • metrics_bro.json.sample
  • http.json.sample
  • http_red.json.sample
  • dns.json.sample
  • dns_red.json.sample


  1. Summary Indexing: No
  2. Data Model Acceleration: No
  3. Report Acceleration: No

Release Notes

Version 1.0.3
May 16, 2019

Fixes the HTTP Panel, much faster.
Adds support for Corelight Reduced logging.

Version 1.0.2
Jan. 30, 2019

Bug Fixes, increase performance of dashboards.

Version 1.0.1
Aug. 30, 2018

Search optimizations and bug fixes


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