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Downloading Scalable Vector Graphics - Custom Visualization
SHA256 checksum (scalable-vector-graphics-custom-visualization_302.tgz) 0b6a3a359168ace3ea743bba5594b032958e0d9c38822ff185e30699dcfa914c SHA256 checksum (scalable-vector-graphics-custom-visualization_202.tgz) f8a15a126297b34365dc3e40d1c4cb089b3956a325da9bf8cbf8f75b01952ea1
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Scalable Vector Graphics - Custom Visualization

Splunk AppInspect Passed
Admins: Please read about Splunk Enterprise 8.0 and the Python 2.7 end-of-life changes and impact on apps and upgradeshere.
Build any visualization directly with Search Processing Language (SPL) using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), includes reusable battery, truck and counter examples.

Scalable Vector Graphics - Custom Visualization allows Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) text generated from Splunk's Search Processing Language (SPL) to be displayed in a dashboard.

Generate any SVG text (statically or dynamically) and put the result into the svg_viz field so the visualisation can display it.

Select the SVG vizualization to display the svg_viz field as a SVG image.

The app contains different dashboard examples showing what can be created with the SVG visualisation.

Example dashboards in menu

  • "SVG Examples" / "How Tos" / "Playground" - for simple SVG shapes
  • "SVG Examples" / "Showcase" - quick examples of what can be done with this visualization
  • "SVG Examples" / "Infrastrucuture Monitoring" - dynamic value/indicators embedded infrastrucutre diagram
  • "SVG Examples" / "Where's Wally? (Waldo)" - dynamic map showing locations of people

The app contains macros to display pre-canned battery and counters visualisations.

Example dashboards in menu using SVG macros

  • "SVG Examples" / "Battery with Percentages" - percentage value displayed on battery, for example percentage charged
  • "SVG Examples" / "Battery with Bars" - use bars on a battery instead of percentages
  • "SVG Examples" / "Circles and Squares" - alternative ways to display counters / text

Drilldowns are not supported per se but linking to other urls can be done via adding href links inside the SVG using the syntax <a href="{url_to_link_to}">{svg_tags}</a>

SVG visualizations can be printed directly from the browser or via Export -> Print on the dashboard.

Painting a Picture with Splunk provides an introduction to this app.

The .conf18 session "Visualize This, Mother Trucker" covers in detail what can be done with this app.
1. Visualize This, Mother Trucker - Recording
2. Visualize This, Mother Trucker - Slides

Known Issues

  1. Very large SVG text cannot be viewed from the dashboard via the magnifying glass
  2. No PDF generation available. See "Limitations to PDF generation" on for details

Release Notes

Version 3.0.2
May 10, 2020

Version 3.0.2
Bumped up versions of dependant javascript libraries
Dependant javascript libraries set to specific versions to remove the risk of dependant library updates impacting svg app

Version 3.0.1
SVG error message updates - SVG error animation disabled, configuration for animation time removed, now shows if it’s a parse or field error, bad SVG examples dashboard updated
Macro updates - fixed hardcoded error with viewbox macro
Viewbox updates - can opt-out of the default wrapping SVG into a viewbox, so the image can automatically fill into the outer HTML container, tweaked some panels in showcase dashboards to handle new viewbox options

Version 2.0.2
Aug. 7, 2018

Version 2.0.2
Last supported version for Splunk 6.5
Trucks added! visualize that - new macros and dashboard
Example token dashboard added showing how tokens can be passed to SVG images
Changed SVG for bad SVGs, also error message display time now configurable, example error dashboard added
Battery percentage ranges set 0-100 and values rounded to nearest whole number
The Queen is now a macro
Bumped up versions of dependant javascript libraries

Version 2.0.1
Bumped up versions of dependant javascript libraries

Version 2.0.0
Changed SVG source for Where's Wally and battery examples to more open source friendly license
Bumped to 2.0.0 as new battery macros create slightly different size batteries to previous version so may need to revisit dashboard that use the battery macro

Version 1.0.0
Changed map source for Where's Wally example dashboard
Add new Wallboard example dashboard


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