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Downloading TA-Tomato (DD-WRT compatible)
SHA256 checksum (ta-tomato-dd-wrt-compatible_100.tgz) 210843454f9f9184dbc50a19948fb7af80fef9c6f37fb71f288b65e61a055d28 SHA256 checksum (ta-tomato-dd-wrt-compatible_0993.tgz) b5c79960650b18dddd2a8e1c2268a67888017f46b34780be924b4388e6122d0f
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TA-Tomato (DD-WRT compatible)

This app is NOT supported by Splunk. Please read about what that means for you here.
This app allows insight into open consumer routers such as Tomato, DD-WRT, OpenWRT, and other systems running iptables, dnsmasq, openvpn, and other common *nix network services.
** Initial onboarding sourcetype has been updated in this release. Please ensure you update your inputs accordingly to ensure you are using the latest extractions and ensure the best compatibility

This app separates basic syslog data into new sourcetypes based on the Process name, you can leverage many of the settings in my app for many common *nix services: adblock, cupsd, dropbear, dnscrypt, dnsmasq, dnsmasq-dhcp, hotplug, httpd, netfilter, ntpc, openvpn, preinit, Tor, udhcpc, vsftp

*Confirmed working with Tomato, DD-WRT, and Advanced Tomato*


v 1.0.0


Dan Potter

@dpotter on slack

This app was built for analyzing data from open firmware and open firmware compatible routers, such as Tomato, dd-wrt, Open-WRT, Merlin, Asus, Advanced Tomato, Tomato USB, etc.
The DNS component is also 100% compatible with piHole and other dnsmasq based logs for DHCP/dns.

No support is assumed or provided beyond this README. Please be sure to set the correct onboard sourcetype (tomato) and see other instructions below and consult documentation on your device and firmware if you experience trouble getting the logs.

Due to the vast number of devices, firmware builds, firmware maintainers, and other variables, this app may need tweaking to support your device. I've tried to develop this to be as moduler as possible, with my current skillset in developing apps. I have tested this on 3 modern firmwares, Tomato, Advanced Tomato, and 3 different builds of DD-wrt and to my knowledge have those mostly supported for everything currently available in the Dashboard. However there are plenty of features you may be using which are not currentlyl developed any further than basic extractions. You have new sourcetype work completed or dashboards to contribute please reach out on Slack. Suggestions or improvements are also welcome.

***Please onboard your data as sourcetype=tomato. This will sub-sourcetype to various components with their own logic for extractions, event types, dashboards, etc.

**Previous versions of this app required you to onboard data as sourcetype=syslog1 and references to this have been removed. If you do not update your input sourcetype other components may break

This app also assumes your data will exist in index=tomato. If it does not, you will need to update 2 variables.
Settings > macros > tomato_index (index=tomato)
Settings > eventtypes > tomato (index=tomato)

Finally, some of the dashboards were built against datamodels. You must have SA-CIM installed to leverage those dashboards, which use the Network Traffic, Data Model for your netfilter firewall data.

Enable Syslog

The exact process will differ from device to device.

Advanced Tomato > Administration > Logging > Host or IP/Port

DD-wrt > Services > System Log > Syslogd > Remote Server > IPAddress:Port

Enable firewall traffic logs (Network Traffic)

Warning high log levels can cause memory issues with older or less capable devices. Settings below are for highest visibility.

Apply accordingly.

Some dd-wrt builds also require you to enable

Logging > Connection Logging > Inbound (Both), Outbound (Both)

Security > Firewall > Log Management > Enable > Log Level (High) / Dropped (Enabled), Rejected (Enabled), Accepted (Enabled)

Network Resolution (DNS) / Network Sessions (DHCP) Logging - Requires the use of dnsmasq

Add the following to your advanced dnsmasq config. This will allow us to build CIM compliant DNS information


To ensure all dns queries pass through your router, you should also enable the following settings:

Use Internal DNS, Use received DNS with user-entered DNS, Intercept DNS port

You may need to enable additional logging options for other system components

Release Notes

Version 1.0.0
Aug. 13, 2018

Major rewrite and expansion of multiple areas. Please update your inputs to onboard the data as sourcetype=tomato to ensure the best compatibility and see README.txt for more details.

Version 0.99.3
May 22, 2017

General improvements with parsing, efficiency, dashboard panels. Additional extractions and aliases.

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