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Downloading Add-On- Endpoint Standard VMware Carbon Black Cloud
SHA256 checksum (add-on-endpoint-standard-vmware-carbon-black-cloud_204.tgz) 13e143be39aaa3d161915e1315b647e1f796d8b3d4d4bc79e9135bbad05f7279 SHA256 checksum (add-on-endpoint-standard-vmware-carbon-black-cloud_202.tgz) 0566ccad2e6f8cb04396f1097c549190de92e6d7f985e874f27469d749826cbc SHA256 checksum (add-on-endpoint-standard-vmware-carbon-black-cloud_201.tgz) 02e665483dc8760b76f49f837a6654135731450fe3db90b64ab7b95dc5c75d72 SHA256 checksum (add-on-endpoint-standard-vmware-carbon-black-cloud_200.tgz) 4a9debc06948338662548d747e1fff3104a3b135f070be97108d0ae480e8e346 SHA256 checksum (add-on-endpoint-standard-vmware-carbon-black-cloud_102.tgz) 6e39469bd5922a6e94d2512d073cf391dfd13b00e1eb23bf62f35d3501a8e224 SHA256 checksum (add-on-endpoint-standard-vmware-carbon-black-cloud_100.tgz) f782e8ce0e226af497dbcb0195c3611cd8864c4ff55023252229ace0b775932f
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Add-On- Endpoint Standard VMware Carbon Black Cloud

This app has been archived. Learn more about app archiving.
This app is NOT supported by Splunk. Please read about what that means for you here.
As of January 31st, 2022 the APIs the app is consuming will be decomissioned causing some features to no longer function.
This app is no longer supported. Migrate to the VMware Carbon Black Cloud App for Splunk (https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/5332/).

The Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard Add-On for Splunk ingests notifications from Carbon Black Cloud into Splunk.

The Carbon Black Developer Network is proud to announce the second major public release of our Cb Defense Add-On for splunk.
This add-on is available for download now from Splunkbase and integrates
Splunk with your Cb Defense console, forwarding alerts from Cb Defense right into your Splunk instance.

This add-on is now compatible with both Splunk on-premise and Splunk cloud.


This Add-On requires Cb Defense and Splunk version 6.6 or above.

No additional hardware requirements are necessary for running this Add-On above the standard requirements for both
Carbon Black and Splunk.

Getting Started

The App can be downloaded from Splunkbase, and then manually installed on a Splunk instance - or installed directly from within the Splunk UI by logging into Splunkbase and searching for the CB Defense Add-On for Splunk.

Once the Cb Defense Add-On for Splunk is installed, then you must configure it to connect to your Cb Defense server.
This is done by generating a "SIEM" connector key in the Cb Defense console. For information on how to generate API keys,
see the Cb Developer Network.
Ensure that your new Connector key is of type "SIEM".

Next, add "notification" rules to your Cb Defense server. Navigate to the "Settings -> Notifications" page and
click the "Add Notification" button. Make sure to add the connector key name you set up above into the list of
subscribed connectors in the text box at the bottom of the notification rule dialog box.

If you are working from a Splunk instance with a UI you can use the web-UI to configure the Add-on quite simply.
See below for instructions on how to configure the Add-on from the CLI - for instance when deploying to a forwarder.

To configure the Cb Defense Add-on for Splunk to connect to your Cb Defense server:

GUI Configuration

  1. Start the Cb Defense Add-on in Splunk
  2. Go to the "Inputs" tab - "Create new input" page and fill in the following fields:
    1. Enter the API hostname for your Cb Defense instance in the url field. See information on which URL to use here.
    2. Set apikey to your API key and the connector ID to your connector ID
    3. Set "name" to anything (for example "cbdefense")
    4. Set "interval" to 60 seconds (the polling interval of the Cb Defense notifications API)
    5. Set "index" to whatever Splunk index you'd like the Add-On to place Cb Defense events into

The 2.X Add-on for Splunk supports as many rest-inputs as a user desires. If you would like to integrate with multiple Cb Defense Servers/Connectors simply define multiple inputs.

The Cb Defense Add-On for Splunk uses Splunk’s encrypted credential storage facility to store the API token for your Cb Defense server, so the API key is stored securely on the Splunk server.

CLI Configuration

The Cb Defense Add-on for Splunk can also be configured through the CLI:

1) Manually install the Add-on, restart Splunk

2) Create a $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/TA-Cb_Defense/local/inputs.conf like this:

cb_defense_api_url = <ip or hostname of CB Defense> 
interval = <Interval to poll the notifications API at > 
siem_api_key = <API KEY> 
siem_connector_id = <connector ID>

Once again, you can define multiple stanzas in the inputs.conf to integrate with multiple Cb Defense Servers/Connectors.

Release Notes

Version 2.0.4
Aug. 22, 2019

Updated to re-enable support for Splunk Cloud

Version 2.0.2
Sept. 19, 2018

Updates to props.conf and transforms.conf.

Version 2.0.1
March 6, 2018

2.0.1: Updated to support multiple inputs from CbDefense.

When upgrading from the 1.0X versions of this Add-on please uninstall the Add-on first as per these instructions:

Version 2.0.0
March 2, 2018

2.0.0: Updated to support multiple inputs from CbDefense.

Version 1.0.2
Oct. 10, 2017

Add proxy support

Version 1.0.0
April 12, 2017

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