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Downloading Fidelis Cybersecurity App for Splunk
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Fidelis Cybersecurity App for Splunk

This app is NOT supported by Splunk. Please read about what that means for you here.
Fidelis Cybersecurity App for Splunk helps in visualizing and monitoring Fidelis Cybersecurity Alerts.

- UPDATE 2019.01 -
The Fidelis CyberSecurity App for Splunk and Fidelis CyberSecurity Technology Add-On were originally developed and published to Splunkbase to support an example dashboard for Fidelis Network Alert Data. This App and its associated Technology Add-On will also provide a template for customers to use in environment where the Splunk Enterprise Security application is not in use.
The Default configuration of the Fidelis Cybersecurity App leverages example Policies and Rules that were specifically selected to provide data for the example dashboards related to specific Advanced Threats and may not reflect current Policies or Rules included within the Fidelis Insight Feeds today.
As Customer Specific Rules developed for DLP, Site specific use cases, and Individual Subscriptions to Threat Intelligence Feeds will differ greatly from Fidelis Insight Rule names; the example dashboards are not designed or intended to provide any functionality related to Client specific rules without modification and personalization to the App and TA components.
Please Note : This application is not intended to be used in environments currently leveraging Splunk Enterprise Security at this time. An example Technology Add-On is currently in development that will provide a template for this specific use case in the future.


Fidelis Cybersecurity App for Splunk helps in visualizing and monitoring Fidelis Cybersecurity Alerts.


  • Splunk version >= 6.3

Recommended System configuration

  • Splunk forwarder system should have 4 GB of RAM and a quad-core CPU to run this app smoothly.

Topology and Setting up Splunk Environment

  • This app has been distributed in two parts.

1) Add-on app, which listens for Syslog messages from Fidelis Cybersecurity.
2) Main app for visualizing Fidelis Cybersecurity data.

  • This App can be set up in two ways:
    1) Standalone Mode: Install main app and Add-on app.

    • Here both the app resides on a single machine.
    • Main app uses the data collected by Add-on app and builds dashboard on it

2) Distributed Environment: Install the main app and Add-on app on search head. Add-on app on forwarder and Indexer.

 * Configure Add-on app on forwarder.
 * Main app on search head uses the received data and builds dashboards on it.

Installation in Splunk Cloud

  • In Splunk cloud we recommend, install Add-on app on internal premises forwarder, Splunk cloud indexer, and Splunk cloud search head. But configure only on internal premises forwarder.

Installation of App

  • This app can be installed through UI using "Manage Apps" or extract zip file directly into /opt/splunk/etc/apps/ folder.



For CIM dashboards to work, it requires Splunk_SA_CIM >=4.6 installed on your Splunk instance.


  • Below savedsearches are used for generating lookup files
    Malware - Lookup Gen
    Policy - Lookup Gen
    Rule and Policy - Lookup Gen
    Rules - Lookup Gen
    Sensor - Lookup Gen
    Severity - Lookup Gen


  • Email support will be provided as best effort.


The main app dashboard can take some time before the data is returned which will populate some of the panels. A good test to see that you are receiving all of the data we expect is to run this search after several minutes:

search `fidelis_get_xps_event` | stats count by sourcetype

In particular, you should see these sourcetypes:

If you don't see these sourcetypes, have a look at the log file $SPLUNK_HOME$/var/log/TA_fidelis/fidelis.log.

Release Notes

Version 1.0.4
Aug. 1, 2017

-Removed empty lookup file which will be generated dynamically.

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