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Downloading Splunk App for SOAR Export
SHA256 checksum (splunk-app-for-soar-export_41117.tgz) 0034ce6e4ed76100db365d36132b5ded9184c4f1c14648dea25d2a134125870e SHA256 checksum (splunk-app-for-soar-export_4173.tgz) c57d28318d4970a2aacb8862dc8d8fc7cf179a6c78e0abee4cb10f342929a8ee SHA256 checksum (splunk-app-for-soar-export_413.tgz) c3f066ee51723ad6284b54d9306cd32a1b3ff46f4817e511d6105c34bb2bbb47 SHA256 checksum (splunk-app-for-soar-export_305.tgz) a10954f4047f281ba8c682714ee70f248e0c1fb936028cf2b5db5e8b45c4a9f2 SHA256 checksum (splunk-app-for-soar-export_252.tgz) 76aaa105685623c1120444b592f1df4e21762eaa80a66821057c94c80745dd24 SHA256 checksum (splunk-app-for-soar-export_2418.tgz) 63166de311e5c1d2886827e095c43e44563c5f3f779eaa0d061aaa0132709662 SHA256 checksum (splunk-app-for-soar-export_2417.tgz) 859a0761350e6426e4d7f286e7d52f431c67f243a06cd40254e0eb0f09f5672f SHA256 checksum (splunk-app-for-soar-export_2416.tgz) 581c9bbb618e41789f4c7b00e3ca27a8681c240662b88fc0977e5de4b7e4ccfc SHA256 checksum (splunk-app-for-soar-export_2415.tgz) edc45346fa387af87a93cee882975dcd27a9c6566bde074e98756904ebab014d SHA256 checksum (splunk-app-for-soar-export_2312.tgz) 75bfde5a001def37d711b747b92d138110cd3f41c1450ca4d785d4444a826c48 SHA256 checksum (splunk-app-for-soar-export_2217.tgz) fceef2eb5a8864dc7bdd65ef810719bb4328b6c1b9f7b0075b9a2e4b3205abc4
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Splunk App for SOAR Export

Splunk Cloud
Splunk Built
This is the official Splunk app that integrates Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud with Splunk SOAR. This app, formerly known as the “Phantom App for Splunk,” is responsible for sending data from your Splunk Enterprise/Cloud instances to Splunk SOAR. Once that data is in Splunk SOAR, you can perform automated actions with over 350+ different security tools.

Also included with this app is an integration with Splunk Enterprise Security, allowing you to send ES data to SOAR.

Splunk SOAR is a Security Automation and Orchestrated Response (SOAR) platform that integrates with your existing security tools in order to provide a layer of “connective tissue” between them. Splunk SOAR streamlines security operations through the execution of digital “Playbooks” to achieve in seconds what may normally take minutes or hours to accomplish with the dozens of products that you use every day.

Splunk SOAR doesn’t replace existing security products, but instead makes your investment in them smarter, faster and stronger.

(Formerly known as Phantom App for Splunk)

To learn more about installation, configuration, and using the Splunk App for SOAR Export read the documentation:

Additional technical documentation also available on Splunk Docs:

If you do not yet have a phantom community account, signup at:

Release Notes

Version 4.1.117
March 14, 2022

Version 4.1.117 Release Notes
- Name of the app has been changed to Splunk App for SOAR Export
- Bug fix: The app UI was not loading if the root_endpoint of Splunk was changed
- Bug fix: Upgrading from beta version 0.0.19 to release version 4.1.73 gave an error message related to earliest_time and latest_time parameters
- Bug fix: Event forwarding configurations were not being updated to either enabled or disabled
- The app now removes items from the KV Store if the item has an invalid label in Splunk SOAR
- Bug fix: Misleading error message was given when syncing workbooks
- Bug fix: Some artifacts were not sent to the correct containers during event retries
- Updated the event parsing regular expression in event forwarding to properly accommodate multiline values
- Set the default python.version to python3
- Optimized the searches performed in event forwarding for better performance

Version 4.1.73
Sept. 11, 2021

Version 4.1.73 Release Notes
- Event forwarding configurations have been converted to save as search alerts instead of reports
- Performance improvement for container and artifact creation in Splunk Phantom and Splunk SOAR
- Custom advanced time parameters “Earliest Time” and “Latest Time” added to saved search event forwarding configuration
- Performance improvements for workbooks tab
- Added bulk workbook management
- Added app.manifest to app folder
- Alert actions and adaptive response actions now use cim_modactions index instead of phantom_modalert index
- Upgraded urllib3 to version 1.26.6 and requests library to 2.25.1

Version 4.1.3
May 27, 2021

Version 4.1.3 Release notes
- This release of the Splunk Phantom App for Splunk connects both Splunk Phantom and Splunk SOAR to your Splunk platform
- Bug fix where Event Forwarding Save and Preview hangs with 0 results
- Splunk Enterprise Security is no longer needed unless performing adaptive response actions or AR Relay
- Splunk events not created in Splunk SOAR and Splunk Phantom are stored in KV Store and attempt to re-send every 60 seconds until successful
- Synchronize workbooks across multiple Splunk SOAR and Splunk Phantom instances
- Alert Action Configurations tab moved to Configurations tab and no longer uses jQuery
- Limit read access to users with phantom role

Version 3.0.5
Dec. 20, 2019

Version 3.0.5 Release notes:
- Bug fix auto mapping cannot be turned off
- Bug fix adaptive response action creating duplicate artifacts
- Global mapping page to save custom mappings, which can be automatically applied to forwarding configurations
- Updated UI for Event Forwarding page

Version 2.5.2
June 13, 2018

This app imports Splunk_SA_CIM and SA_Utils libraries, version 4.8.0.

Third party libraries included in this app:
- jQuery-datatables https://datatables.net/
- Select2 https://select2.org/

Version 2.5.2 Release notes
- Support for Splunk 7.1
- Updated copyright information
- Performance improvement on Export configuration with a large number of field mappings
- Bug fix on search field resetting when saved search or data model export is changed
- Bug fix on Export configuration losing updates when the mouse is clicked on outside the configuration window
- Bug fix on selection of invalid value for Scheduled time units
- Bug fix on destinationTranslatedAddress and bytesIn field mappings
- Bug fix on container label when upgrading from 2.2.x version

Version 2.4.18
May 23, 2018

All user documentation can be found in the Phantom platform in Documentation, Administration Manual, Data Sources, Splunk.
You may also visit https://my.phantom.us/docs/admin/splunk with your Phantom account.
Contact support@phantom.us for any support or installation issues. The only system requirement is a functional installation of the Phantom platform.

This app imports Splunk_SA_CIM and SA_Utils libraries, version 4.8.0.

Third party libraries included in this app:
- jQuery-datatables https://datatables.net/
- Select2 https://select2.org/

Installation Notes

Version 2.4.18 Release notes
- Bug fix on time string error when sending Data Model export on Windows server
- Bug fix on export name containing white space on Windows server

Version 2.4.17
May 21, 2018

Version 2.4.17 Release notes
- Bug fix on time string error when sending Data Model export on Windows server
- Bug fix on export name containing white space on Windows server

Version 2.4.16
May 16, 2018

Important notes for the previous versions are included in the README.txt in the package.

Version 2.4.16 Release notes
- Bug fix on time string error when sending Data Model export on Windows server
- Bug fix on export name containing white space on Windows server

Version 2.4.15
May 16, 2018
Version 2.3.12
Dec. 11, 2017

Important notes for this version are included in the README.txt in the package.

Highlights of this release:
Remove SSL Verification checkbox, add the ability to enable/disable SSL Verification via REST (see README.txt in the package). Note this is prohibited on Splunk Cloud.
Make dropdown fields in the configuration easier to use by sorting and filtering.
Add "save" next to "save and preview"
Include URL to Splunk Results - "_originating_search" now appears in the artifact CEF for adaptive response actions.
Add clone button for event forwarding configuration
Added free-form entry of destination labels
Added the ability to execute a playbook from Alert Actions
Resolve a javascript security issue noted by Splunk security review.
* Resolve error messages in logs, improved error handling

Version 2.2.17
Sept. 20, 2017
  • Update for Splunk Cloud certification
  • Force SSL Verify always enabled, Customer can not choose to disable SSL Verification
  • No other functional changes since 2.2.9

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