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Corvil VoIP Performance App

Corvil’s VoIP App for Splunk delivers operational reporting and troubleshooting of VoIP Performance based on Corvil’s ability to discover, decode, and publish VoIP analysis from packet data.

The Corvil VoIP provides visualizations and analysis of call volumes, failed calls, signaling errors and poor quality calls. This analysis is driven from the Corvil platform which provides real-time discovery, decoding, analysis and publishing from the packet data on the network into Splunk for analysis by the Corvil VoIP App. A dashboard in Splunk reports VoIP call volume trends, failed calls, signaling errors and all poor quality calls. This dashboard is based on Corvil’s support for a breadth of protocols including H.323 (and proprietary variants), SIP, RTP, RTCP and SCCP.

Corvil passively taps into the packet data flowing in the network which contains a highly granular and accurate record of the VoIP activity.

This release requires:
- “VoIP” Corvil Analytics Stream, running on the Corvil appliance(s) sending events to Splunk. Please contact Corvil Support for assistance with getting this specific Corvil Analytics Stream configured.
- Corvil Analytics Plugin Pack 1802 or later, running on the Corvil appliance(s) sending events to Splunk
- Corvil Connector for Splunk version 1.1.0

Known issue:
Certain features of this Corvil App (e.g. Export PCAP) require the App to have authorized remote access to the API on the Corvil appliance(s). This authorized remote API access via the Corvil App uses the Corvil user credentials that are stored as part of the Corvil Connector’s data input within Splunk.
If a Splunk user with administrator-level rights configured the Corvil Connector data input and chose to encrypt the stored Corvil user’s password, then other non-administrator Splunk users that use the Corvil App will not be able to use those features that require authorized remote access (e.g. Export PCAP). To ensure non-administrator Splunk users can use these features, these Splunk users must be assigned the list_storage_passwords capability within Splunk (added in Splunk 6.5.0).

Release Notes

Version 1.1.2
March 23, 2018

- H.323 support
- Improved VoIP dashboard
- Support for the Corvil Connector for Splunk version 1.1.0

Version 1.1.1
Nov. 2, 2016

Version 1.1.1 contains the following changes:
- Fix for the "Corvil Call Record": the ladder was using the eventName instead of the Message Type.
- Changes in the behavior for the situation when SIP Headers are not present - previously they were always expected to be present, so an error would be raised. Currently the ladder is still drawn, but the tool tip displays a message which informs that the headers are missing.


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