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Downloading Add-on for NDBC
SHA256 checksum (add-on-for-ndbc_21.tgz) a48332216f4b6c6c3eac8b9ac7e0bea562ca583a6333968e5913dac2bc9ecb1f SHA256 checksum (add-on-for-ndbc_20.tgz) 5ae756e0b59f7d41ec243cc631ae94d02f64f30a5a392e7bafe5a81a3e87f3cb SHA256 checksum (add-on-for-ndbc_11.tgz) b137ae6e80706a6972ff0da35219a044faffbf103dd2a25a9ac8737edce212e0 SHA256 checksum (add-on-for-ndbc_10.tgz) 345bd7c6d19a989d3230203f79b3ef70db1766af0c574e1d1733901cadec3729
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Add-on for NDBC

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The Splunk Add-on for NDBC collects marine data from the National Data Buoy Center

NDBC Add-on

Splunk add-on for National Data Buoy Center observations


Install this add-on the same way you would install any Splunk app:
- automatically from SplunkBase through Browse more apps
- manually: download the ndbc.spl file and install it in your instance


  • Configure NDBC Data Inputs: Settings > Data Inputs > NDBC
  • Enable the zones that would you like to receive buoy data from
  • Alternatively, create a new data input with your own search area (latitude, longitude, radius)

Marine Data

The NDBC add-on fetches data from NOAA stations. It uses data available from the NDBC RSS feeds and produces JSON documents with sourcetype ndbc:observations.

Example of data returned by NDBC station 46025:

        <strong>April 4, 2016 11:50 pm PDT</strong><br />
        <strong>Location:</strong> 33.749N 119.053W<br />
        <strong>Wind Direction:</strong> ENE (60&#176;)<br />
        <strong>Wind Speed:</strong> 1.9 knots<br />
        <strong>Wind Gust:</strong> 3.9 knots<br />
        <strong>Significant Wave Height:</strong> 3.3 ft<br />
        <strong>Dominant Wave Period:</strong> 13 sec<br />
        <strong>Average Period:</strong> 6.2 sec<br />
        <strong>Mean Wave Direction:</strong> WSW (244&#176;) <br />
        <strong>Atmospheric Pressure:</strong> 30.06 in (1017.8 mb)<br />
        <strong>Pressure Tendency:</strong> +0.00 in (+0.0 mb)<br />
        <strong>Air Temperature:</strong> 60.1&#176;F (15.6&#176;C)<br />
        <strong>Dew Point:</strong> 55.8&#176;F (13.2&#176;C)<br />
        <strong>Water Temperature:</strong> 60.4&#176;F (15.8&#176;C)<br />

Example of data produced by the NDBC add-on:

{"dew_point_unit": "F", "dominant_wave_period": 13.0, "wave_height_unit": "ft", "time": "April 4, 2016 11:50 pm PDT", "pressure_tendency": 0.0, "dew_point": 56.0, "atmospheric_pressure": 30.06, "wind_angle": 60.0, "air_temperature_unit": "F", "pressure_tendency_unit": "in", "wave_dir": "WSW", "lon": -119.053, "atmospheric_pressure_unit": "in", "average_period_unit": "sec", "lat": 33.749, "average_period": 6.2, "air_temperature": 60.0, "wind_speed_unit": "knots", "guid": "NDBC-46025-20160405065000", "wind_dir": "ENE", "water_temperature_unit": "F", "dominant_wave_period_unit": "sec", "location": "33.749N 119.053W or 143 nautical miles SSE of search location of 36N 120W.", "title": "Station 46025 - SANTA MONICA BASIN - 33NM WSW OF SANTA MONICA, CA", "wind_gust": 4.0, "wind_gust_unit": "knots", "wave_height": 3.0, "wind_speed": 2.0, "station": "46025", "wave_angle": 244.0, "link": "http://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.php?station=46025", "water_temperature": 60.0}


To build the NDBC add-on input from source, clone the github repository and run this command from the top-level folder:

python setup.py dist

Release Notes

Version 2.1
April 30, 2016

added support for unknown fields

Version 2.0
April 5, 2016
Version 1.1
March 4, 2016
Version 1.0
March 1, 2016

Initial release of the Splunk Add-on for NDBC

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