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Downloading SecKit Windows Assets Add-on for Splunk Enterprise Security
SHA256 checksum (seckit-windows-assets-add-on-for-splunk-enterprise-security_304ra988ca6.tgz) 877b73392670848ea86c8cc02e3d10ebe2e7e538d74a4f953ec0538c05f8c568 SHA256 checksum (seckit-windows-assets-add-on-for-splunk-enterprise-security_260r389df76.tgz) 4a7f9aaf94a1cc9b6f5a854820f6d9cb0ee43ce50920d75265716e93aa9a0779 SHA256 checksum (seckit-windows-assets-add-on-for-splunk-enterprise-security_252d67a4e40.tgz) 27c144b6a78ca20bb60faaf8aa691c3b400650d73ad27ec70916a52ce521fff1 SHA256 checksum (seckit-windows-assets-add-on-for-splunk-enterprise-security_251r5a9f0af.tgz) 543010dbddc2b6cf4a80e013d68ba6179aa92543295d58177cecc406f3267c12 SHA256 checksum (seckit-windows-assets-add-on-for-splunk-enterprise-security_250rf4e16a6.tgz) 82e7674f18c9f25721fdd1d5aefebd0aaef6f1406b6ebabd6b8874db332ae94d SHA256 checksum (seckit-windows-assets-add-on-for-splunk-enterprise-security_245.tgz) 1be22ae3bd74759fe6bbc3361d53d2e862fea0dbdd03b074a33a37261057b29e SHA256 checksum (seckit-windows-assets-add-on-for-splunk-enterprise-security_244.tgz) d627a41860bd902890f3bd43b86488a4cdd7943c1d3d4a5644d292c2c6815d99 SHA256 checksum (seckit-windows-assets-add-on-for-splunk-enterprise-security_243.tgz) a8deeb4f69f04f61876871b1a1c4e1ddfd7d1654fcba52e67df3f73a983313a4 SHA256 checksum (seckit-windows-assets-add-on-for-splunk-enterprise-security_242.tgz) 26c059dd0a8445d4d4c32d60e7b2757f3dc80858ec2066fb178d044204db57cc SHA256 checksum (seckit-windows-assets-add-on-for-splunk-enterprise-security_241.tgz) b535f6344d9a16cbbd40d1d4887e780db55a2719eeb34b0ec66e5e6793c57afd SHA256 checksum (seckit-windows-assets-add-on-for-splunk-enterprise-security_231.tgz) 1aae3c17d68d0991787496537301dfea0051d7ac8e19534151475cb1d94040c2 SHA256 checksum (seckit-windows-assets-add-on-for-splunk-enterprise-security_225.tgz) 8be83d91bf6f8a7e7a73b4849d0a1d5035e909268ff5262802cff61129112886 SHA256 checksum (seckit-windows-assets-add-on-for-splunk-enterprise-security_221.tgz) 00cdfe840e3ab4fd0d29d111e23cbefe140cf2988889f454226ed601ed51b2f4 SHA256 checksum (seckit-windows-assets-add-on-for-splunk-enterprise-security_213.tgz) 9dd289a65969cf2bb230ae23b1e4dc8eec01017519c2043173dbf4bf24144220 SHA256 checksum (seckit-windows-assets-add-on-for-splunk-enterprise-security_212.tgz) ad5e00e43e719e89e4158eeee2d312599115cda6c5f2401750cba469e9d56c6d SHA256 checksum (seckit-windows-assets-add-on-for-splunk-enterprise-security_211.tgz) 9cf1abe766d3724245d4b9d7ef4126c2bf9f02c0d1aadc9d80372f1241867b7a SHA256 checksum (seckit-windows-assets-add-on-for-splunk-enterprise-security_203.tgz) a1a941b2fd07d62a5dc72e33a51ebda09df6bf87871980209c81c11ada8f9a9f SHA256 checksum (seckit-windows-assets-add-on-for-splunk-enterprise-security_120.tgz) ee4c80dc5cc78b029e0598a48e87d96c01cdb654e82c8f0d81938a48e32bee8d SHA256 checksum (seckit-windows-assets-add-on-for-splunk-enterprise-security_112.tgz) 718dfb61c97e6da7983e14ebd0a3b522f4a4607a7ba55683c78e2aa748c5c7e1 SHA256 checksum (seckit-windows-assets-add-on-for-splunk-enterprise-security_111.tgz) 1810b09294a43d7e63cd2445a0d0d5061bffa54c2617963707be707a8919a93a SHA256 checksum (seckit-windows-assets-add-on-for-splunk-enterprise-security_110.tgz) 2fbdb75c1b56a8a3d5e244953cfb74f157bce49362d51f076c868a2913f1ce54
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SecKit Windows Assets Add-on for Splunk Enterprise Security

Splunk Cloud
Splunk Labs
This app is NOT supported by Splunk. Please read about what that means for you here.
This plugin to the SecKit Windows Add-on extracts feature rich asset and identity data from Active Directory using the ActiveDirectory input of Splunk add on for Windows. Using build in lookup and user definable macros you can build a reliable repeatable process for defining assets and identities.

Version 2.x is considered stable
Version 3.x is appropriate for New implementations with experienced administrators

Security Kit

Identity Management windows Components



This purpose of this Splunk add on is to provide foundational tools and routines for the population of assets and identities in the Enterprise Security and PCI applications for Splunk.


Read The Docs

Release Notes

Version 3.0.4Ra988ca6
Oct. 25, 2018
  • Major release please read the doc https://seckit.readthedocs.io/projects/seckit-sa-idm-common
  • Publishing Docs on Read the Docs
  • Use of collections where possible to improve performance in SHC
  • Use of first time run searches to ensure a smooth experience in Splunk Cloud
  • Improved default scheduled search configuration
  • Improved out of box experience "zero config" getting started
  • Leveraging Splunk Enterprise Security content management for all enrichment lookups.
Version 2.6.0R389df76
Aug. 20, 2018

-Resolve issue with expiring accounts
-Updates for SplunkWorks

Version 2.5.2D67a4e40
May 17, 2018
Version 2.5.1R5a9f0af
April 18, 2018

-App cert fixes

Version 2.5.0Rf4e16a6
April 17, 2018
  • Translate managedBY from CN to email
  • New Build System
  • Bug Fixes
Version 2.4.5
July 22, 2017
Version 2.4.4
May 11, 2017

-Fixes for Cert

Version 2.4.3
May 10, 2017

-Bug fixes

Version 2.4.2
March 3, 2017

Fixed an error in the new transforms.conf entry for title lookup

Version 2.4.1
March 3, 2017

New Feature
New lookup permitting the addition of categories and priority based on the title field in AD

The index restriction macros have been aligned with the updated windows and nix recommendations in the SecKit_TA project. After upgrade verify the following macros conform to the location of your events
definition = index=msad

definition = (index=os OR index=systems)

definition = index=windows

definition = index=oswinscript

definition = index=wineventlog

Version 2.3.1
Feb. 9, 2017

-Update to allow identities build with customized bunit via macro

Version 2.2.5
Nov. 2, 2016

-More efficient use of DNS data for IP resolution
-change category osclass to os_class
-Missing role_priority from enrichment lookup
-Additional OS types supported
-Optional support for ES 4.5 multi value IP

Version 2.2.1
Oct. 3, 2016

Requires SecKit_SA_idm_common_2.1.0 or higher
Support for multi value ip and mac fields in assets
Enhanced the assets query to make better use of stats for speed

Version 2.1.3
Sept. 21, 2016

-Added priority based on org for windows assets
-Updated macro to use the correct index name by default

Version 2.1.2
Sept. 20, 2016

-Certification Fix for managed configurations

Version 2.1.1
Sept. 19, 2016

-Fixes for certification
-Remove support for WinHostMon:Applications
-Additional Support for PCI app

Version 2.0.3
Sept. 1, 2016
Version 1.2.0
March 25, 2016

-Apply categories and priority based on business unit for identities
-Apply categories and priority based on organizational unit for assets
-Cleanup macros

Version 1.1.2
Feb. 23, 2016

-duplicate noop macro definition removed

Version 1.1.1
Feb. 21, 2016

TKO Release

Version 1.1.0
Feb. 13, 2016

Version 1.1.0 Release

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