Splunk App for Unix and Linux

The Splunk App for Unix and Linux provides rapid insights and operational visibility into large-scale Unix and Linux environments. With its new pre-packaged alerting capability, flexible service-based hosts grouping, and easy management of many data sources, it arms administrators with a powerful ability to quickly identify performance and capacity bottlenecks and outliers in Unix and Linux environment.

The Splunk App for Unix and Linux is easy to deploy and comes with configurable data inputs allowing you to quickly provision new Unix and Linux hosts and services.

The Splunk App for Unix and Linux is not supported on any version of Internet Explorer because it makes heavy use of scalable vector graphics (SVG), a standard for which IE has limited support. It can, however, be used on any other Splunk-supported browser.

Release Notes

To learn about the Splunk App for Unix and Linux, see the official documentation here on docs.splunk.com.

For information on what has been fixed as well as known issues, see the release notes.

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Version 5.2.0

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