Syncsort Ironstream

Syncsort Ironstream™ is the first and only technology specifically designed to provide real-time, mainframe operational insights through the Splunk Enterprise platform.

• Collect critical mainframe log data, such as SMF records, SYSLOGs, Log4j, files and more
• Securely forward into Splunk Enterprise for real-time operational intelligence
• Correlate operational data from z/OS systems with machine data from other platforms
• Scale to billions of records with minimum impact

Splunk customers can use Ironstream for these common use cases and more:
• Security. Identify unauthorized mainframe access and potential security risks
• Operational Health Management. Create real time alerts for DB table deadlocks and exhausted resources. Monitor CICS/DB2 transaction system performance – latency, transactions per sec, exceptions and more
• Problem Resolution Management. Minimize or prevent downtime due to operational or system failures

Ironstream Pre-requisites:

  • Any IBM-supported release of z/OS
  • Memory: 100MB virtual storage
  • Network: TCP/IP or SSL over TCP/IP
  • DASD: 10MB
  • Authorized library
  • Access to CEE.SCEELKED
  • Deployed as a JOB or STC

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