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Downloading Slideshow
SHA256 checksum (slideshow_262.tgz) 480c6f10c7182b6c75ed194bdd8a94ed7bac1b565898d082f18a760c9168ea97 SHA256 checksum (slideshow_261.tgz) 23079191319a3de3285eeb1b184a8264e55599a464eeb6674d849d504198ca75 SHA256 checksum (slideshow_260.tgz) 3ed9f1310f0b10d9f31d2bd3da066ce5a479336a3b1349172df219d559bb578b SHA256 checksum (slideshow_251.tgz) 444bca118d829ddf1b5067d719b98b7f763107d957da28704707aa7476c0363b SHA256 checksum (slideshow_250.tgz) 811a71555139a3321ad4722bb52b6f6a014e741ccffd28ddc3459b34aeabfb9e SHA256 checksum (slideshow_243.tgz) 17654e2097bf5b4817e4e12ff1e8bb786adea488bb15925e49fbc317bd8835bb SHA256 checksum (slideshow_242.tgz) fe799993e0150c6257e44ce967a47be0ae1de6097db6486969aeaf4e4fa18159 SHA256 checksum (slideshow_241.tgz) fba577cfd299bf01968d6f69e858924562337c235f658ed3d11ec1972aafebc2 SHA256 checksum (slideshow_24.tgz) 60dcfba854aac4db835fff8c1091366c2001f71bd8432c1f54eface44cc105b6 SHA256 checksum (slideshow_231.tgz) 4578ad69a5d136942db8f22d747cdbdb1abbbb8cd2b1faa845046a934a6f3527 SHA256 checksum (slideshow_23.tgz) e003522f7a1b7980c7a3f15410adc9e94fcd935db789dca43425288a2a3f72aa SHA256 checksum (slideshow_222.tgz) f8772ac80cd3795565dd15b8a76a64ca7486ccd9f4b051de2b2f60513e12efea SHA256 checksum (slideshow_221.tgz) 2a23f76bcfb8e54ea5b256294f3cc5b490828f4c50856943780426782183fd14 SHA256 checksum (slideshow_22.tgz) 66cbadd1753d80685602a39ffd3d720f717dd1c726d9a60b4ee851455b0356bd SHA256 checksum (slideshow_21.tgz) 38d156a5940bec58c84109760a648f82f5d4f1381ac0c27d6adbcfbd3184872a SHA256 checksum (slideshow_20.tgz) 044289e35e085481ee34c2cec1fd24c9b965ca22cbfbb5164b41fe77adf826fe SHA256 checksum (slideshow_101.tgz) 5453b5245ad54b30b5bd8bc4147c9f246f4a9c40326313816bcfe3ba1760c521 SHA256 checksum (slideshow_10.tgz) 4458d4d9cd8574d605e49d9115f949c71c1a77ef671c30e5a37bc50606253012 SHA256 checksum (slideshow_08.tgz) 140fd30e0d0926863ac202d4441f0a07d49e19b2b1b1e436f23eeaa90c53f008 SHA256 checksum (slideshow_07.tgz) 71d59fbeefd017aae6ffc1b22c402b18147982cdeb98604420eafac36b987d44 SHA256 checksum (slideshow_06.tgz) d1b99f0d4951fafbb29adfe4400633e97d6bbd430bb8454b910241d41a56df75 SHA256 checksum (slideshow_05.tgz) 74991c08c05baa00c4c329e023e70f60198d7b0bcd8403424f35c7b0c542ae52
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Splunk Cloud
This app is NOT supported by Splunk. Please read about what that means for you here.
This app provides a way to display a set of dashboards on an interval, kind of like a slideshow. This is useful for displaying content on informational big screens.

Please consider financially supporting me in the developing this app in order to promote continued development; see https://github.com/sponsors/LukeMurphey


Creating an show

Once you install the app, you will need to setup a show. To do this, open the Slideshow app and specify the views that you want to include in the rotation.

Saving a show

You can save a show in order to load it later. However, this ability will only be available on hosts that support the KV store. KV store will not be available if:
* You are using a version of Splunk before 6.2
* You are using a 32-bit build of Splunk
* KV store has crashed

The app will still work without KV store support; it just won't include the ability to save your slide-show.


See the links below for answers to frequently asked questions:

Some of my views don't show up in the list of views, why not?

More Information

This project is open source. See GitHub for the source or LukeMurphey.net for more information.

Release Notes

Version 2.6.2
March 8, 2022

Improving appinspect compatibility

Version 2.6.1
Dec. 10, 2019

Fixing App Inspect issues

Version 2.6.0
April 17, 2018

Added ability to hide the progress-bar (useful for remote displays such as X11 over SSH)

Version 2.5.1
Jan. 31, 2017

FIxed issue where the slideshow would not run sometimes

Version 2.5.0
Jan. 3, 2017

1) Added support for loading custom URLs
2) Updated the icon

Version 2.4.3
Oct. 1, 2016
  • Making the app work on Splunk 6.5
  • Updating icon to work with newer version of Splunk-base
Version 2.4.2
May 31, 2016

Fixed issue where the back button on the show controls didn't work

Version 2.4.1
May 7, 2016

Fixed error where the "save new show" button was disabled preventing users from making a new show

Version 2.4
March 1, 2016

Added ability to save shows

Version 2.3.1
Jan. 13, 2016

Fixed memory leak

Version 2.3
Nov. 16, 2015

Added controls for switching to the next or previous views

Version 2.2.2
Oct. 15, 2015
  • Fixed issue where the bottom of some screens was not black even when the invert colors mode was on
  • CSS and JS files are now minified to decrease load times
Version 2.2.1
June 12, 2015

Added view and information to help explain why some views are not supported

Version 2.2
April 21, 2015

Updated the app to use a new approach to rendering the show views which:

1) Eliminates the flashing that happens when a view is being switched
2) Eliminates the moving of controls, header and footer when controls are to be hidden
3) Adds the ability to stop a show within the slide-show window (no longer requires a second window for the show)

Version 2.1
Feb. 27, 2015
  • Added the ability to invert colors of the view in the show (to provide a dark theme)
  • Fixed exception the occurred when the show was stopped in Internet Explorer
  • Scrollbars are now hidden when the "Hide controls" setting is enabled
  • Fixed issue where the slideshow always opened in a new window
  • Removed support for the progress bar on Internet Explorer due to several issues when the window is closed
Version 2.0
Feb. 19, 2015
  • Completely re-written engine that adds support for more views and apps (such as Enterprise Security)
  • Added ability to enter interval with units and use float values (like 1.5m for 1.5 minutes)
  • Added predefined selectable intervals
Version 1.0.1
Nov. 10, 2014

Updating icon for Splunk 6.2

Version 1.0
Aug. 10, 2014

Fixed grammar issue on the setup view

Version 0.8
June 24, 2014
  • Added support for Internet Explorer 8 and 9
  • Added controls for pausing, stopping, fast forwarding or rewinding a show
  • Improved styling on the filtered text on the setup view
Version 0.7
June 18, 2014
  • Added option that will hide content that is unnecessary for viewing dashboards (controls, footer, etc)
  • Fixed issue that prevented the app from working on Splunk 6.0
  • Added help that described why some views were not available in the list of available views
Version 0.6
June 11, 2014

Fixed issue where the dual-list plugin would not load sometimes

Version 0.5
June 11, 2014

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