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Downloading Hurricane Labs Search Addon for Shodan
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Hurricane Labs Search Addon for Shodan

This SA includes a search command for the popular Shodan ( search engine. It also powers the Hurricane Labs App for Shodan.

What is it?

The Search Add-On for Shodan is a Splunk Search Add-On by Hurricane Labs
for interacting with the Shodan REST API.


This app should be installed on a Splunk Search Head. There is a web-based
setup screen where you should fill in your Shodan API key.


This command is a generating command, meaning it should be used at the start
of your search, like so:

 | shodan

It supports the full Shodan query syntax.


Please see the file called LICENSE. In addition, this Add-On is bundled with
the Requests Python Library, which is distributed under the terms of the
license found in the file LICENSE.requests.


 Feature requests, bug reports and support questions (provided on a best
 effort basis only) can be sent to

Release Notes

Version 2.1.2
Aug. 31, 2017

- Removed JavaScript from setup.xml

Version 2.1.1
July 25, 2017

- Minor version update.
- Cleaned up various items based on appinspect feedback

Version 2.1.0
March 27, 2017

API key now stored in encrypted credential storage. This change requires the user running the shodan command to be able to decrypt passwords. If the user you'd like to use the app with does not have the "admin_all_objects" role, you will need to give them the "list_storage_passwords" capability.

Version 2.0.3
Jan. 20, 2017

Switched WPS communication to HTTPS.

Version 2.0.2
April 5, 2016

Update for cloud vetting

Version 2.0.1
Sept. 23, 2014

This release fixes a typographical error in changes to the shodan SDK.

Version 2.0
Sept. 4, 2014

This release fixes a bug with the simplejson module which was causing issues in other apps built using the Django web framework.

Version 1.0
April 17, 2014

Splunk 6 Only! This app allows you to enter your Shodan API key and then do queries against shodan's impressive search engine. It also powers our forthcoming Hurricane Labs App for Shodan.


Install App
Restart Spunk
Enter API key in config screen

Sample usage: |shodan ip_address



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