Template for Citrix XenApp

The Template for Citrix XenApp includes several “out-of-the-box” use cases including:
- High-level overviews supporting multiple farms
- Alerting
- ICA latency reporting
- User experience investigation
- User logon time details
- Performance visualization and monitoring
- Application usage
- Critical service monitoring

This Template is meant to be customized for your environment.

Release Notes

This application template is meant to be used with Citrix XenApp version 6.x.

After unpacking the template file downloaded here, a file named Installation.pdf can be found in the TemplateForXenApp folder. Alternately, Installation.pdf can be viewed in the Github repository here (click the "View Raw" link to download the PDF). This PDF contains detailed installation instructions with screen shots.

After the installation is complete, documentation about using the template can be found within the app by navigating to Help -> Using the Template for Citrix XenApp.

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