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Downloading Gantt Chart visualization
SHA256 checksum (gantt-chart-visualization_135.tgz) 2f1a2ab15ee1591aab1698d25c9e9f4cbc368eb3732d61ededf6fdf883de8704 SHA256 checksum (gantt-chart-visualization_134.tgz) 96badfd126c3bc4f3bf79c4ecb5c1d259316b24ab76be7cee89949ae9fc6779b SHA256 checksum (gantt-chart-visualization_133.tgz) c1558fce199d840f0698fa81c9dcd12e798adbad6da3ecaff2e7cb5d3a3e6704 SHA256 checksum (gantt-chart-visualization_132.tgz) 7669defd246f8c6d9612d12a66044f571c6d5c8899cfc98f8aeff0ed1a2b14f2 SHA256 checksum (gantt-chart-visualization_131.tgz) 7f3d03bd9002210e3ef0d3fb900b9670476350c6ba4bc32a865ea8304d26e7a9 SHA256 checksum (gantt-chart-visualization_123.tgz) 7a4e87035d2d1922b64e5e89c5e72846fd0e9f12ba43ce48200ff1be8e1c6cc7 SHA256 checksum (gantt-chart-visualization_122.tgz) fe78b6575d0691878d8fcb1770b98922a1737e30b126c7baef0c71d42e9bdd73 SHA256 checksum (gantt-chart-visualization_121.tgz) adf42ca13d49ab9cafc5b498b3154ce29dd2214fba700b2067bc70f0c057719a SHA256 checksum (gantt-chart-visualization_12.tgz) d27e97d111aa47a2d5103f43131e507483189d3d97dcc1b04a214d8afb08430f SHA256 checksum (gantt-chart-visualization_11.tgz) e4020a1cbc08437dcf417379dc550ac14394fcc84c28b457cc6dadd002f4b79a SHA256 checksum (gantt-chart-visualization_10.tgz) 468a22b2fd8fa1009553aeb1442c336d75fbbf969ddeb551016dc6733e1b1074
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Gantt Chart visualization

This app has been archived. Learn more about app archiving.
This app is NOT supported by Splunk. Please read about what that means for you here.
This "gantt chart" visualization is a good way to present transactions or sessions on different resources. The data will be split vertically into different categories (the resources), and will be colored according to the series.

Take a look at the source code and submit bug reports or patches at https://github.com/alexiri/splunk-gantt.

Please see the demo dashboards in the app itself for the full documentation.

Release Notes

Version 1.3.5
May 9, 2016
  • Added option to show times in UTC
  • Added animation effects
  • Improved documentation
  • Fixed various bugs
Version 1.3.4
Jan. 27, 2015
  • Implemented tokenName and tokenField parameters to emit tokens instead of drilldowns
  • Improved example dashboards
  • Fixed various bugs
Version 1.3.3
Dec. 13, 2014
  • Added timeAxisMode parameter to specify whether the time axis should show the search window or the data window (contribution by Ben Roling)
  • Added categorySort parameter to disable sorting of categories, and use the order of appearance in the data (contribution by Ben Roling)
  • Added seriesSort parameter, same as categorySort but for series
  • Fixed bug with display of the category label
  • Set a minimum height for rows so that empty rows in compact mode don't overlap
  • Fixed bugs in Splunk 6.0 and 6.1
Version 1.3.2
Dec. 2, 2014
  • Fix bugs when dealing with MV fields
  • Make legend wrap to multiple lines
  • Implement custom drilldown searches
Version 1.3.1
Nov. 13, 2014
  • Make drilldownField actually work and document its existence
  • Highlight moused-over items, much like what the normal Splunk charts do
Version 1.2.3
Sept. 22, 2014
  • Fix bug in legend display
Version 1.2.2
May 23, 2014
  • Fix documentation
  • Time axis should reflect search, not data
Version 1.2.1
May 7, 2014
  • Bug fixes
Version 1.2
May 4, 2014
  • Enabled panel-footer.
  • Added optional categorySearch variable, to seed the list of categories with a different search.
Version 1.1
March 24, 2014
  • Performance optimizations
  • Added support for resizing
Version 1.0
March 18, 2014

First release

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