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Downloading Splunk App for Microsoft Exchange
SHA256 checksum (splunk-app-for-microsoft-exchange_403.tgz) 31edfe3607aabe51e22db921523e86aef5580b7a0772e579c8206512ce6a61ea SHA256 checksum (splunk-app-for-microsoft-exchange_402.tgz) 6b9d446508d6c25d5115b9b26bbce25756dd0f41ea958f853801a48433899ad0 SHA256 checksum (splunk-app-for-microsoft-exchange_401.tgz) 905a3851b031298b0dfee19fc9823d213ec93e47258e055c0af5972594f82f3b SHA256 checksum (splunk-app-for-microsoft-exchange_400.tgz) 59c1e0207b1a0e40d455b2a22be3f1cb7d7896cc2b6544c95bbe88482ee252cd SHA256 checksum (splunk-app-for-microsoft-exchange_352.tgz) 8b63def2998ecd6ac4fd737aa331c83bbe0907e73131baa251bc9fcf80543d6d SHA256 checksum (splunk-app-for-microsoft-exchange_351.tgz) da35aa115e37200974ab09d6a20c9466b14350fd422e621a31dcf073351a9edb SHA256 checksum (splunk-app-for-microsoft-exchange_350.tgz) dbd85a9fe5121071269ecb46992ffffbce1e205326cc2ef6f1847dacb78cfd35 SHA256 checksum (splunk-app-for-microsoft-exchange_344.tgz) 8f1c6faf2a0b61d9a0de223e6792717c119f0ae87ceab56b651cb8e2a0346168 SHA256 checksum (splunk-app-for-microsoft-exchange_343.tgz) 9dbfeaa8f422352b6e4210a8b0c984021040e4c30d4fd988b89b39799f4bb592 SHA256 checksum (splunk-app-for-microsoft-exchange_342.tgz) 38681895eeb2ce99d7f338ab97078eea383f9117b5763f6cce420cccce8b12a3 SHA256 checksum (splunk-app-for-microsoft-exchange_341.tgz) a5826c8ce4cd3c9bde193375a2bbcfbf101311e1185fdd9f640e17ccd2f68ecb SHA256 checksum (splunk-app-for-microsoft-exchange_340.tgz) 6df5d8a3c73e27e26ce7644ae69a8fb2e3e6549bcf706ff5225dc5cae584e9fb SHA256 checksum (splunk-app-for-microsoft-exchange_330.tgz) 06dd66995fc9fd268ad99b3598d0dc5740ca3a12595dee0b5679d2faa048de31 SHA256 checksum (splunk-app-for-microsoft-exchange_321.tgz) 465dae84634c476d49ff4f5891b7ff167b62049ee75a8a0407ba226bf46032e4 SHA256 checksum (splunk-app-for-microsoft-exchange_320.tgz) 8e80df34b7e19378bcfd73a1d04dfcd4cca649e29ed70404bd5cbdd3a907195a SHA256 checksum (splunk-app-for-microsoft-exchange_313.tgz) 52c38ce9ff60b06262e8d528201eb2a6f755d8e83b7f86b70d40f0fa2098e87d SHA256 checksum (splunk-app-for-microsoft-exchange_312.tgz) 0d28c46c89a677694388c77d93a03490d5295748b64e6e64d30f2af6eae84ff6 SHA256 checksum (splunk-app-for-microsoft-exchange_311.tgz) 483ee5d929f3ac8071225b21bc7cf2729446c8a226e27868ea9cb5d78645e5d0 SHA256 checksum (splunk-app-for-microsoft-exchange_310.tgz) 665aa6fe4f856b3952956e11217c71f74b176ed3828d2e7b1f60543334b90bee SHA256 checksum (splunk-app-for-microsoft-exchange_303.tgz) f053c467327c66d7c2d3b6a6e671573551ed566992e243731dc88a43914c9ed8 SHA256 checksum (splunk-app-for-microsoft-exchange_302.tgz) 422170fd7ea38f4b85243077c2e7970f27603e770c7e7a82235d94fcb215f6cb SHA256 checksum (splunk-app-for-microsoft-exchange_301.tgz) 7ce6973a678330c4b6e27fbba8aba8e19011dd04ac6459718e3a90ec49daedf3
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Splunk App for Microsoft Exchange

Splunk Cloud
Splunk Built
Splunk has observed customers migrating from Microsoft Exchange to newer Microsoft services and is reevaluating its strategy to provide the best experience for users. As a result, we will End of Sale and End of Life the Splunk App for Microsoft Exchange. We will continue to support this app through October 21, 2021.

We highly recommend that customers either purchase IT Service Intelligence and utilize the Microsoft Exchange Content Pack for pre-built service-level dashboards and KPIs, or use the latest free version of Splunk IT Essentials Work 4.9 (available May 2021) to monitor host level data. For more details on this announcement and migration options, please refer to our blog post and contact your sales representative.

A single solution that uses the power of the Splunk Enterprise platform to gather performance, log and configuration data from all elements of Microsoft Exchange and its underlying infrastructure to provide operational insight into entire messaging infrastructure, as well as critical dependencies, such as the operating system, supporting applications, devices and/or services. The result is a single view across the entire email service infrastructure, available in a single location, highlighting problem areas proactively to resolve issues quickly and avoid service degradation and downtime. The Splunk App for Microsoft Exchange supports Exchange Server versions:

• 2010 (requires Windows Server 2008 SP2 or Server 2008 R2 SP1 or later)
• 2013 (requires Windows Server 2012 RTM or later)
• 2016 (requires Windows Server 2016 RTM or later)
• 2019 (requires Windows Server 2016 RTM or later)

This app requires a paid license to use. The trial license lasts for 60 days.

Splunk App for Microsoft Exchange gathers performance metrics, log files, and PowerShell data from all aspects of Microsoft Exchange and its underlying infrastructure, including Active Directory, Windows, POP3, IMAP4, ActiveSync, Exchange Audit Logs, Outlook Web Access, and IIS, and presents the data in a series of operational dashboards covering IT Operations, Security Operations, Capacity Planning, and Helpdesk functionalities. IT and Security professionals can now use at-a-glance dashboards for their services, users and infrastructure.

Splunk App for Microsoft Exchange comes with over fifty out-of-the-box dashboards and reports. A unique First Time Run experience detects data you may have already to highlight areas for your specific environment. Host Monitoring, Print Monitoring, and Network Monitoring also light up new possibilities. Key functionalities include:

• Service Analyzer - Gain instant, real-time and historical visibility into the health of your entire email service and all its components, with granular composite health scores across the entire service path. Detect service anomalies faster with visibility into the health of each one of 11 service components that affect your overall email performance including: Outlook RPC, OWA, Active Sync, Transport, SMTP and many more
• Packaged Correlation – Easily identify the inter-relationships between performance, health, and security events using prebuilt dashboards and reports across the entire email service including infrastructure components. Use swim lane visualization and visual correlation across service components to quickly troubleshoot and navigate to the actual source of service degradation.
• Operations Dashboards: Gain up-to-the-minute information on the health of your Exchange environment and its supporting infrastructure such as Windows server and AD, including service availability, organizational reputation, performance data and administrative reports.
• Messaging Tracking: Track and troubleshoot message flow with segmentation and load information about message flow broken down from the desktop to the gateway.
• Client Behavior Monitoring: Gain in-depth visibility into how the messaging service is being utilized, including the method of access (device or protocol), operating system, browser, location and mailbox usage statistics. By identifying user trends, administrators can identify issues or possible bottlenecks and take preventive measures
• Capacity Planning: Plan capacity better with visibility into messaging volume and the number of users your system is handling over time to help you to plan for growth.

To learn more, please see refer to the official documentation here

Release Notes

Version 4.0.3
July 20, 2021

Release Note: https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/MSExchange/4.0.3/DeployMSX/Releasenotes

Version 4.0.2
Jan. 4, 2021


Version 4.0.1
Feb. 29, 2020


Version 4.0.0
Oct. 23, 2019


Version 3.5.2
May 15, 2019


Version 3.5.1
Dec. 8, 2018


Version 3.5.0
Oct. 16, 2018


Exchange app 3.5.0 has been updated to support Splunk add-on for Windows 5.0.1 but will not support multikv data.

Version 3.4.4
June 14, 2018


Version 3.4.3
Dec. 19, 2017

Version 3.4.2
June 13, 2017


Version 3.4.1
Feb. 7, 2017

Version 3.4.0
Oct. 12, 2016

Version 3.3.0
July 6, 2016


NOTE - This app is not yet compatible with Splunk 6.5. A Splunk 6.5 compatible release is coming soon!

Version 3.2.1
March 7, 2016


Version 3.2.0
Dec. 9, 2015

Refer to the release notes on Splunk.com

Version 3.1.3
May 26, 2015

Refer to the release notes on Splunk.com

Version 3.1.2
Feb. 26, 2015

Refer to the release notes on Splunk.com

Version 3.1.1
Dec. 15, 2014

Fixed a bug with tHostinfo macros

Version 3.1.0
Dec. 15, 2014

Refer to the release notes on Splunk.com

Version 3.0.3
Sept. 30, 2014

Bug Fixes

Version 3.0.2
Sept. 2, 2014

Please refer to release notes published on splunk.com

Version 3.0.1
May 14, 2014

Please see the release notes here: http://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/MSExchange/3.0.1/DeployMSX/Releasenotes


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