Pentaho Business Analytics for Splunk Enterprise

Pentaho Business Analytics coupled with Splunk Enterprise provide a complete end-to-end analytics platform combining analytical data integration with a full range of traditional and advanced analytic capabilities for data discovery and insight, including reporting, dashboards, visualizations, and predictive analytics. Pentaho and Splunk bring together IT and business users for easy access, integration, visualization and exploration of any data.

With Pentaho and Splunk, business users are empowered to make information-driven decisions that positively impact their organization’s performance. IT can rapidly deliver a secure, scalable, flexible, and easy to manage business analytics platform for the broadest set of users integrating all relevant data across the organization, regardless of source or type, for maximum insight.

Machine Generated Data: Unlock the Big Data Value

Today's IT systems and technology infrastructure generate data every second of every day. This machine data is one of the fastest growing segments of big data. Splunk provides a comprehensive view of all user behaviors, service levels, cybersecurity risks, fraudulent activities and more. As more sophisticated questions emerge, the need to combine this data with a variety of data from multiple data sources becomes critical in extracting real, actionable information and insight. Insights that can optimize applications, processes and systems' behavior, detect and prevent fraud and intrusions. Simplifying and reducing the time to access and explore these multiple data sources becomes critical.

Splunk and Pentaho Provide the Solution

With Splunk Enterprise, you can get a comprehensive view of all machine data from across the enterprise. Maintaining disparate silos of log data and application performance information is no longer needed. The combination of Pentaho's adaptive big data layer and Splunk, simplify and accelerate the integration of and access to data from multiple disparate data sources. Crucial business application data can be integrated with Splunk data, and meshed with data from Hadoop, while leveraging existing skill sets, and accelerating implementation times. The end result is intuitive visualization and analysis capabilities to move rapidly from data to insight.

Splunk, the leader in machine data software and services and Pentaho, the leader in big data analytics and data integration, provide a complete and powerful big data analytics solution to unlock value from machine generated data. The power of Pentaho's rich visualizations on top of Splunk's data will allow and enable business users to unlock all the business value from machine and application data.


The Pentaho platform provides Splunk users with:

  • Enrichment of data across the enterprise - Pentaho connects Splunk Enterprise to RDBMS, Hadoop, NoSQL and enterprise application data, extending analysis of machine generated data to the business user. Joint customers can export machine data from Splunk Enterprise, or import data via Pentaho into Splunk software for additional context.
  • "Business Class" visualizations and analytics - The reporting and visualization capabilities within Splunk Enterprise are extended with Pentaho’s self serve/ad-hoc business analytics capabilities that are complementary to the existing Splunk visualizations.
  • Reduced implementation time - Pentaho's visual development environment improves productivity typically 15x for data ingestion and preparation when working in Big Data environments.
  • Leverages existing skill sets - Eliminates the need for highly specialized Hadoop MapReduce or Pig development skills. Anyone with basic BI or ETL tools experience can now use Splunk data.
  • One unified platform for data integration and business analytics - A platform designed to help integrate a wide range of business and other data sources for analytics in either Splunk software or Pentaho.

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