Boundary App for Splunk Enterprise

Boundary’s discovers and monitors application topology, performance and flow data every second. Metrics include latency, throughput and packet retransmits.


The Boundary App for Splunk makes this data automatically available inside Splunk for users to index, search and alert on. This makes it easier for IT operations staff to resolve application and network performance issues before end users are impacted. You can use the App to:

  1. See all the dependencies between applications and trace problems through applications and virtual machines.
  2. Identify possible bottlenecks. Determine if its the application, vm/server, network or cloud
  3. Monitor applications on your physical servers, VMs and in Public Clouds including AWS EC2, Rackspace and Joyent
  4. Monitor all your applications and frameworks including java, .Net, Ruby, Hadoop, Cassandra, Riak, Mongo, Memcahe and others.

Boundary is delivered as SaaS and no hardware is required. A full-function version of Boundary together with the Boundary App for Splunk is available to SplunkBase users at no charge.

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