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Downloading Mitel/Shoretel Call Reporting
SHA256 checksum (mitelshoretel-call-reporting_223.tgz) c5d577dd42faa2974785345102ddb11d8258eb8cba33879f0e74957751f35efa SHA256 checksum (mitelshoretel-call-reporting_222.tgz) 7dcd1fbb646016d2c979067368f152f60f677133085b9531a1412875738d36b8 SHA256 checksum (mitelshoretel-call-reporting_221.tgz) c0d9c5b663e8eced5ba23789c8557939425d0073bb70c434609fbf6dd61f3789
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Mitel/Shoretel Call Reporting

This app is NOT supported by Splunk. Please read about what that means for you here.
Sideview's Mitel/Shoretel Call Reporting app allows you to intuitively browse and report your way through the call records generated by Shoretel.
  • The Browse Calls page is a simple call reporting tool that gives you a customizable way to generate and export call reports around particular numbers and extensions.
  • Summarize inbound and outbound call volumes and durations by 'groups', using our new Browse Extensions page.
  • The full call detail for any specific call is only a single click away from the Browse calls page, so investigating peculiar or interesting calls is simple and easy.
  • Construct, run and schedule practically any custom report you can think of using the advanced Report Builder.
  • Any of those reports can be easily added to your own dashboards or used to create your own alerts to monitor your Mitel/Shoretel system.
  • From the Browse page you can "walk" through the data simply by clicking from call to call and from extension to extension.

This app is available under a 90-day trial license. Please contact us for your cost. Take it for a test drive and please contact Sideview with any and all questions and feedback.

For all the rest, including detailed setup instructions, screenshots, as well as to get a trial license key, consult the app's homepage on the Sideview Website.

Release Notes

Version 2.2.3
Nov. 19, 2020

-- Fixed a bug preventing the General Report page from loading on Splunk 8.X.
-- Fixed a misalignment on the Edit Fields button in Splunk 8.X.
-- Disabled preview on the General Report page to improve reporting speed.
-- Fixed a bug on the homepage preventing panels from displaying in the Canary UI.
-- Added proper links so that if you have Canary installed on Splunk 7.X, the users get a link in the
page header they can use to toggle back and forth between the two user interfaces.
-- Fixed a misalignment of the search buttons that affected users of the legacy Splunk/Sideview Utils UI.
-- Fixed a SPL error on Call Detail that prevented two searches from dispatching properly.
-- Fixed various bugs in Setup Extensions that prevented most functionality on that page from working, that only occurred if the app was loaded in the Canary UI.
-- There is a new restmap.conf-based endpoint to handle the uploading of entirely new extensions.csv files from the Setup Extensions page
-- Licensing checks removed.

Version 2.2.2
Jan. 15, 2020
  • Some fixes for when the Shoretel app is running in the Canary UI.
  • Small fixes to help the app run in Python3 in Splunk8 (Canary only).
  • Added a key to server.conf so that when admins update the sideview license
    on any Clustered Search Head, that license change will be propagated to the
    other SHC members.
Version 2.2.1
May 22, 2019

2.2.1 (May 20th, 2019)

Fixed the "add new extension" and "edit/delete extensions" UI in the new
Setup Groups page.

2.2 (May 15th, 2019)
UI Changes:

Added a Browse > Extensions page and moved the old Browse page to
Browse > Calls. the new Extensions page allows you to filter by group,
subgroup, name and number, and gives for each extension, the associated name,
group and subgroup (if any are present in the Extensions lookup) as well as
call counts and total call duration broken out by internal/outbound/inbound
call types. https://sideviewapps.com/3143/shoretel-extensions-and-groups
Improving the Update License page to list the existing license string
statically in the table, rather than prepopulating the textfield with the
Replaced Splunk's Save Report and Create Dashboard Panel implementations
with different UI to workaround various bugs around dashboard creation.

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