Netuitive Advanced Analytics for Windows and Linux

The Splunk App for Netuitive Cloud allows users to format and stream data to a cloud instance of Netuitive's award winning predictive analytics solution.

Netuitive replaces human guesswork with automated mathematics and analysis to visualize, isolate, and proactively address IT performance issues before they impact the business.

Netuitive and Splunk can be used as complementary tools in a powerful, analytics-driven solution for proactive monitoring of critical applications, IT infrastructure, business, and security metrics.

What's cool about Netuitive Cloud?

  • Automated baselining of "normal" metrics behavior
  • Alerts whey they deviate from normal
  • Statistical correlation of behavior - within a component or across monitoring silos
  • Cool features like heat maps, health and workload indices, service topologies and more..
  • Use it to monitor and correlate application performance, IT infrastructure, business, and security metrics.

What do I get for free?

  • Free perpetual licenses to monitor up to 10 management elements using Netuitive Cloud

How does this work?

  • Register for the free trial program.
  • We'll give you access to the Splunk App, credentials for Netuitive Cloud and additional training materials
  • Install either a Splunk App for Windows or Linux
  • Configure the Splunk App for Netuitive Cloud to send data
  • Log in and explore the analytics on Netuitive Cloud


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