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Downloading Oracle WebLogic App for Splunk
SHA256 checksum (oracle-weblogic-app-for-splunk_30-beta.tgz) be81ebdaead4b07e7c1be22e0a55baa798fe5729c35f002aef83b481888812f9 SHA256 checksum (oracle-weblogic-app-for-splunk_10-beta2.tgz) edb085f07997f812e6e34563896005882a4039e85fe0427602dc0e27bf6129cf SHA256 checksum (oracle-weblogic-app-for-splunk_10-beta.tgz) 8226542e59ad067adc92c0994d9690897cf8bd0046505e13682c46d139b20358
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Oracle WebLogic App for Splunk

Admins: Please read about Splunk Enterprise 8.0 and the Python 2.7 end-of-life changes and impact on apps and upgradeshere.
Oracle WebLogic App for Splunk provides the ability to monitor and troubleshoot your WebLogic Server (WLS) infrastructure by dynamically collecting data from various sources within your WLS environment and interacts with AdminServer(s) as well as Managed and Unmanaged nodes. The app contains a Topology Overview of all your domains and applications, in addition to a series of dynamically populated and linked views that are easy to understand, allowing users to acutely drill-down to a WLS instance level, a specific application within an instance, as well as instances and applications within a domain.

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Oracle WebLogic App for Splunk is brought to you by Function1, a Splunk Powered Partner!

Overview of 3.0 Beta

The Oracle WebLogic App for Splunk presents a holistic overview of your entire WLS Infrastructure from the top down. This app exposes information that is typically unavailable through the Weblogic console, and aggregates your entire WLS deployment within your enterprise into a series of intuitive and logical views. Please note, this is a beta release.


  • WLS Domain: Deployed applications
  • WLS Domain: Machines hosting WLS servers in the selected domain
  • WLS Domain: Java Message Service (JMS) instances
  • WLS Domain: JDBC data sources
  • WLS Domain: JVM heap size
  • WLS Domain: Deployed Applications list with corresponding status
  • WLS Domain: Java Messaging Service (JMS) queue status showing pending messages and current messages
  • WLS Domain: Request queue status showing pending requests, total threads, and hogging threads
  • WLS Domain: JDBC data sources list showing active connections
  • WLS Machine: Errors, alerts, and warnings from WLS log files
  • WLS Machine: domains existing on the machine
  • WLS Machine: service CPU Load (min, max, and average)
  • WLS Applications: servers existing on the machine
  • WLS Applications: Applications deployed on the machine
  • WLS Applications: Memory Available
  • WLS Applications: JVM heap size (for both machine and server level)
  • WLS Applications: current status
  • WLS Applications: domains the application is deployed to
  • WLS Applications: servers the application is deployed to
  • WLS JMS Queue: Status
  • WLS JMS Queue: Destination count
  • WLS JMS Queue: Current connection count
  • WLS JMS Queue: Total Connections over time
  • WLS JMS Queue: Messages received over time
  • WLS JMS Queue: Pending messages over time

Oracle WebLogic App for Splunk Technology Add-on (TA)

The Oracle WebLogic App for Splunk Technology Add-on (TA) is bundled inside this package. It is designed for installation in a Splunk Universal Forwarder on your WebLogic AdminServer(s)s The TA has been validated on WebLogic 9i/v9.x, 10g/v10.x, 12c/v12.x). The TA polls your WLS AdminServers by the minute, hour, and daily for JMX data, and outputs the generated logging into monitored log files at /SPLUNK_HOME/var/log.

The app itself inclusive of the TA is highly dynamic as well as independent to maximize on the native behavior and functionality within Weblogic as well as Splunk. At it's core, the TA includes all the necessary technology to bridge the gap between these two technologies.

Product documentation is included as a PDF within the app's appserver/README directory. We would be happy to help your deploy the app into your environment. Please contact Support for more assistance.

Features of the Oracle WebLogic App for Splunk TA

  • Discovers and ingests WLS logs files in your WLS instance
  • Queries the admin server for information about managed servers
  • Gathers operating system metrics from both Windows and *nix hosts.
  • Event and timestamp parsing configuration
  • Field extractions for all data sources

Troubleshooting, Support, & Feature Enhancements

We welcome the opportunity to work with you and help overcome any hurdle in your path to a successful deployment. The Oracle WebLogic App for Splunk has passed three private beta releases. This Public Beta 1.0 is designed to ensure that the most commonly desired features are included. If you would like enhanced functionality, addition features, help deploying, or wish to report a bug, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Support for assistance.

Release Notes

Version 3.0 beta
May 6, 2015

Oracle WebLogic App for Splunk Release Notes v3.0 Beta

Date: 05/05/2015

Items addressed in this release

- Conversion to Simple XML for compatibility with Splunk 6.2

Version 1.0 beta2
April 20, 2015

Oracle WebLogic App for Splunk Release Notes v1.0 Beta 2

Date: 2/14/2013

Items addressed in this release

Bug Fixes
SPLKWLS-101 Fixed drill-down of Request Queue Status panel on Machines page

SPLKWLS-57 Show JVM heap usage over time, by host AND by WLS Server
SPLKWLS-102 Add TimeRange Picker to Machines Page
SPLKWLS-103 Add Timerange Picker to Server Overview Page
SPLKWLS-104 Add Timerange Picker to JMSQ Drill-down Page
SPLKWLS-108 Modify Layout on Server Overview Page
SPLKWLS-109 Add "View Results" Link to All Panels on Server Overview Page
SPLKWLS-110 Add Ability to Select Domain And Server on JMSQ Page
SPLKWLS-113 Add Main Menu Item for JMSQ Page
SPLKWLS-114 Adjust Page Layout To Minimize Scrolling
SPLKWLS-120 Add Menu Item for Server Overview Page
SPLKWLS-126 Consistency between JDBC Panels on Topology and Server Overview Page
SPLKWLS-127 Organized Panels on Topology Page

Known Issues
SPLKWLS-84 Topology Page - "Servers in Domain" Panel - Consistency

Version 1.0 beta
April 20, 2015

Oracle WebLogic App for Splunk Release Notes v1.0 Beta

Known Issues

SPLKWLS-83: Topology page, "Machines in Domain" panel. Consistency in domains list.
SPLKWLS-84: Topology page, "Servers in Domain" panel. AdminServer is listed for all servers in the domain.
SPLKWLS-85: Applications page. List of WLS servers is incomplete.


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