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Downloading TA for Wunderground
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TA for Wunderground

This TA is designed to pull in Wunderground weather data using the API. An API key is required and available here: Please read the README.txt for more detailed information on how to configure.


  1. Download this Modular Input
  2. Get a Wunderground API key at
  3. Install the Modular Input
  4. Configure the Modular Input with Data Inputs
  5. Enjoy Weather Data


In the Readme.txt, it incorrectly states to use "state" for you conditions config. You must use "country" for both states and countries.

JSON Configuration (USA - Dallas, Texas): { "city": "Dallas", "country": "TX" }

Searching Data

Here are a few ways to search for your new Weather Data.

The default sourcetype is wunderground, and each input has it's own source in the style of wunderground:. Each different Wunderground API feature presents its data differently, but all of it is returned in JSON. The TA-wunderground automatically extracts the fields, so here are few examples with that knowledge.

Time Chart Some Stuff
Assuming you are using the api feature "conditions" here is a quick search that timecharts some of the returned data.

sourcetype=wunderground source=wunderground:city-conditions |timechart span=1h avg(relative_humidity) as RH avg(temp_f) as "Temp(f)" avg(wind_mph) as "Wind Speed (mph)"

Here is a search for a "current conditions" dashboard

sourcetype=wunderground source=wunderground:city-conditions|tail 1|stats latest(relative_humidity) as RH latest(current_observation.temp_f) as "Temp (F)"

And here's one for fun! (Thanks jspears!)

sourcetype="wunderground" source=wunderground:city-conditions weather!=NULL|timechart count by weather

Release Notes

Version 0.9.2
Feb. 11, 2015

This version removes Compatibility for Splunk 5.0. I fixed the historical download to have the ability to enter a date range. I removed the refresh interval parameter to avoid confusion post 6.x.

Version 0.9
April 19, 2014

Added the PWS option! Configure it like this: {"pws": "PWS_ID" } with the API Feature "PWS"!
Fixed the History Feature to properly consume data. From/To dates will be coming in next release.

Version 0.7
Oct. 7, 2013

Updated to fix compatibility with Splunk 6.0.

Version 0.4
Jan. 25, 2013

Changes the time parsing for current conditions. If observation epoch is present, will use that as the index time for more accurate statistics.

Version 0.3
Jan. 16, 2013

Removed the API key from the default inputs.conf. Replace with your own to see correct data.

Version 0.2
Nov. 8, 2012

Version 0.2

Fixed an exception issue with the API Url not being available. If the Wunderground API was unavailable, the Data Input's Python process would then exit with code 1. The Input will now retry 5 times with an exponential backoff. If the url is still unavailable, the Python process will go back to sleep for the configured time.

Updated the reference in the schema to point to the proper README.txt file.

Version 0.1
Oct. 31, 2012


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