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Add-On for MAC lookup

Splunk Cloud
This app is NOT supported by Splunk. Please read about what that means for you here.
Enables one to look up Network Interface MAC's in an internet DB and returns Company Name and other informations of the Manufacturer.

===maclookup Technology Add-on===

Author: MuS

Supported product(s):
CIM src_mac field or any other specified field with nic MAC's in it

Source type(s):

Input requirements:
The standard IEEE 802 MAC-48 address format is required.
The server where the search is running, must be able to connect to the internet,
since this lookup can happen on an internet DB ;)
The nic MAC must be in the following format
- 00:11:22:33:44:55
- AB-CD-12-34-EF-A1
- 0123.4567.89ab

The online result will be the following new fields:

startHex The start of the MAC address range the vendor owns in hexadecimal format
endHex The end of the MAC address range the vendor owns in hexadecimal format
startDec The start of the MAC address range the vendor owns in decimal format
endDec The end of the MAC address range the vendor owns in decimal format
company Company name of the vendor or manufacturer
addressL1 First line of the address the company provided to IEEE
addressL2 Second line of the address the company provided to IEEE
addressL3 Third line of the address the company provided to IEEE
country Country the company is located in
type There are 3 different IEEE databases: oui24, oui36, and iab
MAC The MAC used for the lookup

===Using this Technology Add-on===

Install TA and restart Splunk. If it is not working, enable debugging in the
maclookup.py script. After that you will have a log file in
$SPLUNK_HOME/var/log/splunk/ and get UI errors. Remember to disable the
debugging after that.
Sometimes Splunk needs for what ever reason two restarts to get this working.


example1 = | maclookup
Offline lookup NIC MAC in field 'src_mac' using netaddr module

example2 = | maclookup field=foo
Offline lookup NIC MAC in field 'foo' using the online internet lookup

example3 = | maclookup online=yes field=foo
Online lookup NIC MAC in field 'foo' using the online internet lookup

This is an open source project, no support provided, but you can ask questions
on answers.splunk.com and I will most likely answer it.
Github repository: https://github.com/M-u-S/TA-maclookup

I validate all my apps with appinspect and the log can be found in the README
folder of each app.

Version/Date: 1.0 / October 2012
Version/Date: 1.1 / October 2013 - added App icon, Splunk 6 support
Version/Date: 1.2 / May 2014 - changed MAC regex match
Version/Date: 1.3 / August 2014 - changed MAC regex match
Version/Date: 2.0 / September 2014 - complete re-write
Version/Date: 2.1 / September 2014 - added debugging
Version/Date: 2.2 / September 2014 - added dummy fields for unknown MAC's
Version/Date: 2.3 / January 2018 - bug fixes
Version/Date: 2.4 / February 2018 - Bug fixes
Version/Date: 2.5 / February 2018 - Added offline and field option
Version/Date: 2.5.2 / February 2019 - Added new online service

Release Notes

Version 2.5.2
Feb. 10, 2019

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