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SHA256 checksum (home-monitor_451.tgz) b5ea4a292d61da18e78d55de1df64a87b279e0810290e23891ef57dae8eebc00 SHA256 checksum (home-monitor_450.tgz) 7e52202a1264775370d05591612e5536cf5e63a05ca3634eeeed7ea89a069d85 SHA256 checksum (home-monitor_442.tgz) 9c33c538a76af5713c57573d878e027972d7c5ff135c6b348f2005cf921d3841 SHA256 checksum (home-monitor_441.tgz) 3469becbc80f77def84810a465fe6df18467fe23ea0f6f6f839d8444c36d9e4a SHA256 checksum (home-monitor_440.tgz) 73225995affef83dd882dbd1c24857b3abb975b8f3970bebe6642021bc65fde2 SHA256 checksum (home-monitor_430.tgz) 9d0e6767015bf888758d6644fa1c8d2c88df44941893f7ecdd9f070893d3f056 SHA256 checksum (home-monitor_423.tgz) cbf1db1629eea5edc6d52e8bbdd9ff1fe7e015eacfa823b7901601e8182de80b SHA256 checksum (home-monitor_421.tgz) b1f4e565078e5868822a598939dca665afd7c95b3455fc5af5cf554b9fc4a009 SHA256 checksum (home-monitor_420.tgz) 768b26a08d209afbc215773b5cadb937ea8b19cbe0cde6425c6b0029ac218f98 SHA256 checksum (home-monitor_410.tgz) 456413fde7089348b6d6ae286cbe36eb9020a3b1c7f88f670234970b98124739 SHA256 checksum (home-monitor_401.tgz) cca2bc39bbfa54d505338c76db55a2a1aaf0da2ca0cbdc1c1431f1be5470731c SHA256 checksum (home-monitor_40.tgz) 898ea5ec10352941cdb3a6adae3b931322aa80e2e64e8c606a9e6d6e9582694d SHA256 checksum (home-monitor_321.tgz) 004bea0908c3a739230e4b4cf0f2b963b40445b1c4d758b2a12876fcb2244a1d SHA256 checksum (home-monitor_320.tgz) 7386a5a9360083b65835c36c5132bbac142a913195f330dcc32891d343eea98c SHA256 checksum (home-monitor_312.tgz) 72cd422f6c6cbfb49715b1a0db18c6e83677db9e39a9220066457008bd0a7828 SHA256 checksum (home-monitor_311.tgz) b5e47c68dc077f8b7c5211d173c30185f960103968fddbd5168a299aa0ddf2ed SHA256 checksum (home-monitor_310.tgz) b73ddc5e8dc05276f50303d761f56fe7e18f225983f050c4dc04f9e92fe5ac10 SHA256 checksum (home-monitor_304.tgz) abfc045edadb4030e7381adb710aebff6865a5637174949c049504655e68e92d SHA256 checksum (home-monitor_303.tgz) 196d6f4a8435c224616115119f467baf1ac6fe7c2b56da27dcfb3407c04c0ae2 SHA256 checksum (home-monitor_302.tgz) af2efc03bf9570ea8cac4a8043e4b80ef77309ab9e05ada2550b3837dfe1e108 SHA256 checksum (home-monitor_222.tgz) 953a7032fe5a5ba3f19a49ca2d0d9e40d23cd8db3ec24a8fea65559cf8cc8764 SHA256 checksum (home-monitor_22.tgz) 90c362475681e1c6a24231da19f58d4e364c32d17fb7192243eb5f9ed63fdf5e SHA256 checksum (home-monitor_202.tgz) 920d82247b22b138aa98047a16b876bed1c4cdbe12ea16e22653bbd4d57e504b SHA256 checksum (home-monitor_201.tgz) 3191b09d7188f68147f616d52e80d73aac665cbefda496093e29ded42709ba0e SHA256 checksum (home-monitor_20.tgz) f5461aad79ba61e8b89096f6c00c54fd452a3bff731f8a3af83e77ea83a414fe SHA256 checksum (home-monitor_13.tgz) cfa21ba5873a209ecce0c245631762b4362c57aa54c6ee906b792dd1c5901957 SHA256 checksum (home-monitor_12.tgz) b982b5450c3b6e6ed87e86efc433c28de215d6ecb207a878068e740047fdfb7c SHA256 checksum (home-monitor_11.tgz) 241b052d2dd53803a1934c6a869e99e5d46f99d396da99b90f0c576a77750d54 SHA256 checksum (home-monitor_10.tgz) 21bea3994eb08de8e09f14e94f1bffa6d33a8979b548f9f3be796ad12a5a66ef
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Home Monitor

Admins: Please read about Splunk Enterprise 8.0 and the Python 2.7 end-of-life changes and impact on apps and upgradeshere.
Home Monitor is an application built on Splunk that allows any user to view the network traffic moving through their home router. This application takes the syslog feed from your router and breaks it out into ports, IP Addresses and locations based on IP addresses.

These are all free downloads from splunkbase. Splunk Version 6.x and above is recommended since this app leverages the sparklines command report acceleration. Make sure to upgrade to gain the full benefit of the new release.

This app has been made to be compliant with CIM 4.0 and now works with Asus, pfSense 2.2.1+ [tested], Netgear, Skyhub, OpenWRT [not tested], Mikro-Tik [tested].

The latest version has a simple workflow that helps users leverage the dynamic dashboards to see the flow of traffic through their home network. It's a work in progress, so please let me know what you think.

The Application has a setup section built into the app that walks you through setting up the data output on your Verizon FiOS Router. Additional information can be found at http://amiracle19.blogspot.com . Please refer to this site for updates and topic discussions about the Home Monitor App.


Release Notes

Version 4.5.1
Aug. 17, 2016

Added support for timechart in overview dashboard to show changes in time for each metric.
Changed IP info to ipinfo.io.

Setup.xml and the REST endpoint for the Windows bandwidth input.

* The Windows batch script will need to be manually added via the inputs.conf in the local directory.

Version 4.5.0
March 13, 2016

Updates :
Added new setup page for easier on-boarding of data.
Updated some of the descriptions on the overview dashboards.
Updated the logo.

Version 4.4.2
Feb. 8, 2016

Updated inputs.conf for Windows entry on Bandwidth input.
Edited README.md to update version from 4.4.1 to 4.4.2
Fixed missing OR statement in macros.conf file.

Version 4.4.1
Feb. 7, 2016

Created new Map dashboard using new mapping visualizations in Splunk.
Added Bandwidth scripts for Windows and *NIX.
Added Bandwidth overview dashboard with workflow.
Updated Tours with new images.

Fixes :
Typos and other formatting issues in Home Monitor Overview page.

Version 4.4.0
Feb. 4, 2016

- Added IPv6 support for pfSense
- Added new Bandwidth dashboard
- Added Speed Test scripts to get average Upload, Download and Pings
- Cleaned up overview Dashboard

Version 4.3.0
Jan. 6, 2016

Setup Tour corrected the URL

Removed Setup and changed it to Help!
Added sub categories for helping with setting up FiOS, pfsense and stream.

Also corrected an issue with https not going to the site in the frame. Added root blog site Added GitHub Repo Added Splunk Answers link that takes users directly to the Home Monitor page.
New Feature :+1:
Created link to shodan.io to see if users have known vulnerabilities to their current IP
Started working on searches to help see if users have vulnerable devices on their networks.

Version 4.2.3
Dec. 27, 2015

Version 4.2.3 Update

Added tomato and quantum modem sourcetypes.
Fixed direction extraction for Asus, openwrt and quantum router in
Made minor changes to UI (validated workflows.)
Added Lookup entry for Quantum Modem.
(Version 4.2.2 is available on GitHub, all the changes there are reflected on this release.)

Version 4.2.1
Nov. 12, 2015

Fixes :
Fixed the setup and user tours.
props.conf for fios and pfsense.
Corrected the size of the logos.

Added new domain extraction and ports scanned in Blocked Traffic Dashboard.
Added direction field to asus and openwrt sourcetypes.

Version 4.2.0
Oct. 30, 2015

New version 4.2.0
-Added support for Splunk Stream and enhanced workflow actions
-Added tours to walk through features in the app
-Created new dashboards with better visualizations
-Easier setup for the app, with a guided setup of the data input

By default, this system looks at the DNS name of your modem, router or firewall and tries to determine the sourcetype based on the hostname. For example, if your router was called "netgear.mynetwork.com," then by default this app would apply the sourcetype "netgear" to your data input.

However, if your devices hostname has no mention of the brand, then you can set the sourcetype when setting up this app initially. Please reference the Troubleshooting link under the Setup dropdown.

This app does REQUIRE Splunk Stream and a SPAN port for some of the dashboards. Splunk 6.3 is recommended for the dashboard visualizations.

Version 4.1.0
Aug. 26, 2015

Added OpenVPN Dashboard and field extractions
Added Field for internal network addresses

Version 4.0.1
June 15, 2015

Updated field extractions for pfsense 2.2.2 firewall
Modified logic behind search for Intrusion dashboard
Modified search for Tag Cloud dashboard

Version 4.0
May 22, 2015

Bug fixes, modified props.conf for added fields for both FiOS and pfSense
Added D3 visualizations for Splunk Stream data
Removed old dashboards and reports that were no longer being used
Updated logo and icon images

Version 3.2.1
April 11, 2015

3.2.1 has some very minor bug fixes for the Detective Dashboard.

Version 3.2.0
April 11, 2015

Added support for pfSense 2.2.1+
Modified fios sourcetype to help with issues customers had with dashboards
Created workflow for basic troubleshooting and understanding of your network

Version 3.1.2
Feb. 25, 2015

Added Mikro-Tik firewall sourcetype

Fixed the missing lookups when running a search in the search app.

Tested on fresh install and upgrade of Home Monitor App (From 3.1.1 to 3.1.2).

Version 3.1.1
Feb. 9, 2015

A couple of bug fixes and added support for Linksys routers.

Version 3.1.0
Feb. 8, 2015

Quick Notes:

* Cleaned up old dashboards
* Added support for ASUS, NetGear, pfSense routers / firewalls
* Host based sourcetyping allowing users to have multiple routers / firewalls logging.

1) Data Input - When onboarding your data source, you'll need to first enable the Data Input and then decide if you want to Splunk automatically sourcetype your data based on your router's hostname. You can also manually change the sourcetype to fios, asus, pfsense, netgear or skyhub.

2) Lookup - The lookup, action_lookup.csv, is meant to help normalize the action of the firewall so that all the dashboards will populate regardless of what router you have.

3) New updated dashboards - I've gone through and vetted all the dashboards to make sure they make some logical sense. I stopped using the 'process' field since it did not exist in all the routers syslog data. Instead, I determined that outbound connections were iniated by src_ip = 192.168.* and inbound connections were iniated by NOT src_ip=192.168.* .

Version 3.0.4
Jan. 22, 2015

Modified UDP inputs from syslog to fios.
Modified search strings to include index and sourcetype.
Validated that all dashboards properly populate using Verizon FiOS router.

Version 3.0.3
Oct. 21, 2014

New release which has some minor bug fixes and adds the functionality of changing the sourcetype for each dashboard.

Traffic Trends - Total events was actually Average Events per hour
Transforms.conf and Props.conf were both to include data from Asus and pfsense firewalls.
Pivot - This now has some sample Pivot events, this is geared for FiOS users only at this point.

Version 3.0.2
Oct. 16, 2014

Had some issues with permissions from my local system. The issues have been resolved and this has been tested to work.

Version 2.2.2
Aug. 4, 2013

Minor fix to the indexes.conf file that creates the homemonitor index.

This version is another collection of bug fixes and validates that all the configuration files are in the default directory (not the local directory) as well as adds the old traffic_trends view. This release also creates the sourcetype "fios" which will be used for all the fios routers and can allow me to add other source types per the request from the community.

Version 2.2
July 29, 2013


Added setup instructions to get the firewall to log events to syslog.

Fixed the missing router configuration saved searches (permissions issue).

Added new field extractions for connection states and validated that they were shared throughout the app.

Currently in the process of building Technology Addons for additional routers / firewalls. Please send sample inputs if you would like them included in the TA.

Version 2.0.2
Dec. 22, 2012

Added the Configuration and Network diagram for setting up the Home Monitor App. Also, added the lookup tables for the default ports. Fixed some minor issues with the maps view and had to remove the particles page since it no longer worked with Splunk 5.x.

Version 2.0.1
Dec. 13, 2012

Made a minor change in the app.conf file, from 2.o to 2.0.1

Version 2.0
Dec. 12, 2012

Version 2.0 adds new field extractions that break out the source IP and Port along with the destination IP and Port. The new version adds the duration dashboard which allows you to see how long certain ports were being logged into as well as from what IP's.

Version 1.3
Sept. 28, 2012

Added source ports plus modified the lookups to use SANS.

Version 1.2
Sept. 20, 2012

**Creates the necessary index for the app.
**Modified dashboards included sparklines
**Added Location Lookups

Version 1.1
Sept. 15, 2012

Added new visualization using the Splunk Viz app (http://splunk-base.splunk.com/apps/22362/viz-for-splunk) along with a new Traffic Flow Dashboard. Lastly, I added a new event type for the maps view, let me know if you have any issues with it.

Version 1.0
Sept. 10, 2012


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