Splunk App for HadoopOps

Complete visibility into your end-to-end Hadoop operations.

Monitoring and managing Hadoop cluster operations is a big data challenge of its own. Splunk can collect and correlate events and run-time metrics from every service on every host, every job from every user. With HadoopOps, you will gain total visibility into Hadoop's operation status, search across the entire cluster in real-time, troubleshoot and analyze Hadoop with rich, interactive views.

* Preconfigured application that accelerates your Splunk solution for Hadoop operations
* Visualize cluster resources with real-time heat map of key performance metrics
* Filter, sort, and analyze jobs by user, duration, slot usage, and type
* Search and correlate events and metrics from every service, host, job, and user.
* Alert and notify stakeholders on key events using automated proactive health checks

Release Notes

The Splunk App for HadoopOps monitors cluster resources beyond Hadoop itself, including the network, switch, rack, operating system and database.

Core features in the Splunk App for HadoopOps include:

  • End-to-end monitoring and troubleshooting of the Hadoop cluster, database and networks in addition to multi-cluster management.
  • Headline alerting for numerous threshold conditions, such as crashed disk and slow MapReduce jobs.
  • A centralized real-time view of Hadoop nodes using an intuitive heatmap display.
  • Measuring current and historical MapReduce jobs to analyze failures or performance issues.

For more information please see the User Documentation.

See the latest release notes for details on what's new.

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